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Courtesy: TM Robotics/Control Engineering Europe
Robotics August 4, 2019

Collaborative robot safety misconceptions

A survey from the Global Robotics Report 2019 highlights a general lack of knowledge about collaborative robot safety requirements, which can be dangerous for workers on the plant floor.

By Nigel Smith
Table 1: Integrity management system checklist. Courtesy: Metegrity Inc.
Asset Management August 4, 2019

Leverage digitalization for asset integrity management

Select the right management technologies for modernization.

By Dave Maguire and Richard Fish
Courtesy: Emerson North America
Energy Management August 2, 2019

For better burner management, focus on the flame

Five-step guidance for safer and more efficient combustion equipment performance.

By Jacob Swafford
Emerging technologies are solving the problem of unconnectable assets, providing data from legacy systems to people on the shop floor. Courtesy: Fluke
Cybersecurity August 2, 2019

Modern technologies solve industrial cybersecurity needs

Emerging condition monitoring software and devices have ingrained cybersecurity that helps bring legacy systems and processes into the modern era.

By Edward Valencia
Courtesy: CFE Media
Maintenance August 1, 2019

Manufacturing index drops for fourth consecutive month

The Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) slid to 51.2% in July as anxiety about tariffs, inventory and employment weigh on manufacturing companies.

By Chris Vavra
Figure 1: Badly damaged fan impeller. Courtesy: Holming Fan & Fabrication LLC
Energy, Power August 1, 2019

What to do when a production fan fails

Catastrophic failure of a critical piece of air handling equipment can be devastating.

By Fritz Theilacker
Companies can mitigate project risk by following best practices such as leveraging existing technology on the plant floor and standardizing policies. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
Production and SCM August 1, 2019

Five strategies to effectively manage and execute automation projects

Automation projects come with many challenges that seem daunting because of their complexity. Learn about six common automation project management challenges and learn about five tips to overcome them including planning ahead and leveraging available technology on the plant floor.

By Lee Swindler