Plant Automation

A basic care program for rotating equipment enables operations to accurately record, communicate and act upon process and inspection data. Courtesy: SKF
Plant Automation October 21, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles October 14-20

Articles about optimized maintenance programs, getting the automation zone right, data-driven maintenance, optimizing project satisfaction, and selecting lubricating greases were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 14-20. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotic waterjet system produces a stream of water traveling at supersonic speed to cut a variety of materials including superalloycomponents used in the aerospace industry. Courtesy: Shape Technologies Group/RIA
Plant Automation October 18, 2019

Collaborative robots bringing automation to aviation industry

Collaborative robots are improving aircraft construction, testing and maintenance as the aviation industry adopts Industry 4.0 and automates aircraft operation.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
PLCs, PACs October 17, 2019

Predicting the end of unplanned downtime

Any unscheduled downtime will cause a major headache for engineers in the food and beverage manufacturing sector, but predictive maintenance can be a remedy.

By John Rowley
ISO 50001 is designed to identify and implement energy projects that save money by integrating with smart technologies that provide data and help control energy use. A continuous improvement model is divided into four steps: Plan, do, act and check. Courtesy: Department of Energy, Energy Solutions Center (ESC)
Standards September 30, 2019

ISO 50001 benefits for manufacturers

The ISO 50001 standards establishes an energy policy and process to achieve energy management objectives for manufacturers.

By Gas Technology
The new age digital engineering practices help enable new business models that unlock greater value for enterprises and increase the value proposition for those involved. Courtesy: L&T Technology Services Ltd.
System Integration October 15, 2019

Digital engineering practices enhance technologies of tomorrow

Digitalization: By integrating digital, physical and virtual realities, digital engineering redefines product development and manufacturing. Digital engineering accelerates development of next-generation smart products, services and operations.

By Narayanan Ramanathan
More effective generation of robotic weld paths can result from artificial intelligence applications. Courtesy: L&T Technology Services Ltd.
Wireless October 5, 2019

Decode hybrid AI system potential

New artificial intelligence (AI) software will contribute to the creation of more competitive sensor systems. Using ambient intelligence and a mix of AI tools will advance AI technology effectiveness. Hybrid AI can help with automation, manufacturing and robotics.

By Ashish Khushu
Shown are three panels used for a fire, gas detection and releasing panel. The three networked panels are for a large application. Image courtesy: Honeywell Industrial Fire
Sensors, Vision October 10, 2019

Industrial fire systems: Defining the key players

A team is made up of skilled individuals.

By Edward Doherty