Plant Automation

Composite metal foam (CMF) consists of metallic bubbles filled with air.
Process Manufacturing November 18, 2021

Composite metal foam (CMF) on its way to influencing market

Composite metal foam (CMF) consists of metallic bubbles filled with air, which are embedded within a metal matrix that makes threats become weaker and less harmful

By Deborah Strange
Courtesy: Cornell University
Process Manufacturing November 10, 2021

How defects can strengthen 3D-printed material

Cornell University researchers have found improving 3D-printed metal by introducing more defects into the printing process results in a stronger, more ductile metal product.

By David Nutt
Courtesy: North Carolina State University
Discrete Manufacturing November 21, 2021

Synthesis process paves way for more efficient lasers, LEDs

North Carolina State University have developed a process that makes use of existing industry standard techniques for making III-nitride semiconductor materials, but results in layered materials that will make LEDs and lasers more efficient.

By Matt Shipman
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Standards October 28, 2021

Potentially explosive atmosphere product certification

Understanding regional requirements for global market access for electrical equipment in potentially explosive environments is critical.

By Zaneer Iqbal
Courtesy: Huffman Engineering
System Integrators October 8, 2021

Case study: System integrator fixes food processing equipment from 3 OEMs

Automation was needed for a refrigerated line, but customized fabricated equipment from three original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) wasn’t working. Work included simplifying the complexity of disparate systems.

By Jason Weedin and Keith Mandachit
Courtesy: Wood
Wireless August 7, 2021

Making industrial control system solutions more adaptable

Industrial control system (ICS) solutions need a new architecture and philosophy is required to be more adaptable to changing environments. Six methods are highlighted.

By Bridget Fitzpatrick
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Sensors, Vision October 6, 2021

Machine vibration analysis benefits for manufacturers

Vibration analysis allows early detection of wear, fatigue and failure in rotating machinery because vibration occurs in all rotational assets, but generally highlights an issue discovered by higher readings and particular frequencies.

By Jason Tweedy