PLCs, PACs August 2, 2022

Researchers develop faster, more precise 3D-printing process

Multiplexed fused filament fabrication (MF3) is a faster, more precise 3D-printing technique developed by Rutgers University researchers.

By Greg Bruno
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
PLCs, PACs June 8, 2022

What to do about manufacturing disruption

Manufacturing disruption is every manufacturer’s worst nightmare and work to avoid it by analyzing risk and managing supply chains.

By Trent Maw
Chinedum Okwudire and students in his lab at the University of Michigan demonstrated an early version of the FBS software in 2017. Courtesy of: Evan Dougherty, Michigan Engineering.
PLCs, PACs June 6, 2022

Software that doubles 3D printing speeds

Ulendo's software solution for printing parts compensates for vibrations without slowing down.

By Kate McAlpine
The new 3D printing system could make it easier to print intricate designs while saving time and material. Courtesy of: Stanford University
PLCs, PACs June 3, 2022

Developing a better way to do 3D printing

Engineers at Stanford and Harvard have laid the groundwork for a new 3D printing system that doesn’t require an object be printed from the bottom up.

By Laura Castañón
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
PLCs, PACs May 31, 2022

Two essential smart factory transformation components

Smart factory transformation is the future. If you can’t create a relationship between people and devices, you’ll be left behind.

By Trent Maw
An electron micrograph of nickel-titanium powder is showcased on the left. The researchers can use this powder to fabricate 3D-printed parts, such as nickel-titanium lattices (right). Courtesy of: Texas A&M University
PLCs, PACs May 20, 2022

Researchers develop 3D-printed shape memory alloys with superior superelasticity

Researchers from Texas A&M University showcased tensile superelasticity by fabricating a shape memory alloy through laser powder bed fusion.

By Michelle Revels
Courtesy: Velo3D
PLCs, PACs April 8, 2022

Additive manufacturing used to make space flight components

Aerojet Rocketdyne is using metal 3D printing technology from Velo3D to make a critical flight component lighter, smaller and cheaper than its predecessors.

By Velo3D
Courtesy: Russell Bailey, Southern Illinois University
PLCs, PACs April 5, 2022

Additive manufacturing used for stronger structural sandwich materials

Southern Illinois University researchers are working to improve the ultra-strong “sandwich” materials by using additive manufacturing.

By Tim Crosby
Courtesy: FlexQube
PLCs, PACs March 31, 2022

Flexible manufacturing systems improve throughput quality

Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) can improve overall operations and throughput quality by adapting to real-time changes and situations.

By FlexQube
The team has established a new in-house, spray-deposition manufacturing technique that uses supercritical carbon dioxide to assist the atomization and create very fine and uniform micron-size droplets containing nanoparticles.
PLCs, PACs March 17, 2022

Technique developed for manufacturing 3D nanostructured surfaces

This project will develop a manufacturing process that enables multifunctional nanostructured surfaces to be more cost efficient.

By Steve Kuhlmann