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The Multiscale Integrated Technology Solutions team works in the lab. Courtesy: Indiana University
Safety August 5, 2020

Copper used to make reusable masks safer, easier to use

A patented technology is being used to manufacture reusable face masks using copper, which can help improve filter performance and disabling airborne virus particles.

By Indiana University
Part of the Charter Street Heating and Cooling Plant on the UW-Madison campus. A new model for control systems could help large central plants like these save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Courtesy: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Energy Management July 29, 2020

Control approach helps campuses minimize energy costs

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers designed a new stochastic model predictive control system for central utility plants, which could help universities and manufacturing facilities that generate a lot of energy.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: Southland
Energy Efficiency August 5, 2020

How to utilize energy efficiency as a service after COVID-19

Alternative financial solutions such as energy as a service (EaaS) can help impacted entities grapple with their situation after the COVID-19 pandemic cools down.

By Art Thompson
Courtesy: Seeq
Analytics August 4, 2020

How to prepare data for analysis

The devil is in the details

By Michael Risse
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
Business of Engineering July 23, 2020

Manufacturers looking to be more flexible, analytical in wake of COVID-19

By Relayr
Courtesy: Fluke Reliability
Maintenance Strategy August 3, 2020

Tips on how to achieve multisite CMMS success

By Raymond Lattanzio
Iterate Labs’ location and contact tracing device, top right, which can be attached to a worker’s wrist or arm or worn around the neck, for workplace social distancing. The device gives off audio and haptic alerts when workers are too close to one another. Courtesy: Iterate Labs/Cornell University
Motors, Drives August 3, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles July 27 to August 2, 2020

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Keagan Gay, CFE Media and Technology
Business of Engineering July 9, 2020

Virtual meetings are the rule rather than the exception

By Annette Manz