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Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Maintenance July 13, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles July 6-12, 2020

Articles about predictive maintenance value, energy assessment tips, manufacturing index automating manufacturing workflow, data integration and energy assessment tips were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 6-12, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Changyeong Jeong, a graduate student in electrical engineering and computer science, measures how well light passes through a sheet of flexible transparent conductor. The material sandwiches a thin layer of silver between two “dielectric” materials, aluminum oxide and zinc oxide, producing a conductive anti-reflection coating on the sheet of plastic. Courtesy: Robert Coelius/University of Michigan Engineering
Energy, Power July 13, 2020

Making plastic more transparent while adding electrical conductivity

University of Michigan researchers have made plastic conductive while also making it more transparent, which can improve large touchscreens, LED light panels and window-mounted infrared solar cells.

By Kate McAlpine
Research involving Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Spallation Neutron Source demonstrates crystal-like heat conduction in a solid-liquid hybrid, AgCrSe2. Courtesy: Jill Hemman/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Energy, Power June 30, 2020

Spectrometry research advances could lead to safer rechargeable batteries

Researchers have found a way to advance safer rechargeable batteries with spectrometry. Their findings could improve batteries used for consumer electronics such as laptops and cellphones.

By Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Courtesy of: SEMI
Business of Engineering July 11, 2020

Three university projects launched to advance flexible hybrid electronics

SEMI FlexTech announced the launch of three projects to accelerate sensor and sensor system innovations for new applications in industries including healthcare, automotive, industrial and defense.

Courtesy: Phoenix Automation
Automation June 15, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles June 8-14, 2020

By Chris Vavra
Maxar Technologies has announced more than $2 million in funding for the Robotic Technology Center at West Virginia University. Courtesy: West Virginia University
Robotics July 9, 2020

Project collaboration for robot applications in outer space

By Paige Nesbit
HAMR-Jr stands next to its (bigger) predecessor, HAMR-IV. Courtesy: Kaushik Jayaram, University of Colorado Boulder
Robotics July 2, 2020

Cockroach-inspired robot designed to work in applications with limited space

By University of Colorado Boulder