Maintenance July 5, 2019

Redesigning maintenance processes to optimize PdM automation

Set the stage for a successful transition from manual to IIoT-enhanced, predictive maintenance processes.

By Frederic Baudart
Machine Safety July 2, 2019

Converging safety, non-safety systems increases scalability, flexibility

Integrating safety systems into a machine’s standard control platform simplifies operations, increases diagnostic capabilities and creates safer work environments for engineers and end users.

By Sree Swarna Gutta
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 July 10, 2019

Benefits of digitizing reality for workers in manufacturing

Digitizing reality is now possible for workers thanks to technology advances such as the Internet of Things (IoT). This new reality allows workers to benefit from augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) to solve old problems in new and better ways.

By Michael D. Thomas
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 July 6, 2019

Smart manufacturing opens the door to real-time data

Smart manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled technologies can use real-time data to optimize processes and reduce costs for manufacturers.

By John Clemons
Process Safety July 12, 2019

10 alarm management tips for the busy control engineer

Alarm management has been a great success for the process industry. Initial challenges have largely been met, but new challenges have emerged. Alarm management is most effective as an operations tool, not a safety tool.

By Allan Kern
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August 15, 2019
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Once the testing modalities are chosen, devices can be selected and installed on assets. The devices and assets chosen will help prove the case for predictive maintenance efforts. Courtesy: Fluke Corp.
Maintenance Strategy July 15, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles July 8-14

Articles about maintenance process redesign, smart manufacturing, lubrication and bearings, predictive maintenance obstacles, and safety best practices were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 8-14. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Robotics July 15, 2019

Tips for implementing robotic automation tools

Robotic automation can spur greater efficiency, deliver better results, lower costs and increase flexibility, but companies need to have the right tools to make the robot's application successful.

By Kristian Hulgard

Make data available for fast, efficient analysis

August 14, 2019
11AM PT | 1PM CT | 2PM ET

Universal Robots is opening authorized training centers (ATCs), which cover a range of core and advanced collaborative robot programming skills. Courtesy: Universal Robots
Robotics July 12, 2019

Training centers for collaborative robots launched

Universal Robots is opening authorized training centers (ATCs) to broaden users’ understanding of the collaborative robots' potential applications as well as cover a range of core and advanced collaborative robot programming skills.

By Universal Robots
Courtesy: CFE Media
Machinery and Equipment July 12, 2019

Equipment, software growth likely to slow according to report

Equipment and software investment growth is likely to slow in 2019 to 3.9% as the U.S manufacturing sector weakened, and investment growth in several key verticals is expected to slow or contract in the second half of 2019.

By Chris Vavra

Efficient cooling in all seasons

August 1, 2019
11AM PT | 1PM CT | 2PM ET