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Material Handling April 4, 2024

M Series 2-Post Mechanical Lifts

PFlow Industries, the founders of the vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) industry, highlights its M Series 2-Post Mechanical Material Lifts that are ideal for almost any material lifting application. The PFlow M Series moves materials faster and more safely than forklifts, with standard travel speed of 25 feet per minute (FPM), and up to 400 FPM available. With its ability to lift up to 10,000 pounds, reach an unlimited number of floor levels, and perform under even the most demanding continuous use applications, the M Series is a perfect lifting solution for high-speed / high-cycle and automated material handling applications.

PFlow Industries
Pumps April 4, 2024

8511Z pressure reducing valve series

The AGF Commercial RiserPACK Model 8511Z is meticulously crafted in the USA using high-quality schedule 10 pipe, ensuring superior durability and performance. This assembly incorporates the AGF Model 2511 TESTanDRAIN valve with a pressure relief valve and drain trim, flow switch, pressure gauge, and AGF Universal 3-way gauge valve, along with a 2 ½” hose valve. The 8511Z manifold was designed specifically for floor control applications where a downstream drain outlet, capable of full flow is required for Pressure Reducing Valve acceptance testing and future inspection and testing requirements. The integration of the Zurn ZW5004 Valve adds another layer of functionality and versatility to the AGF solution.

AGF Manufacturing
Compressed Air March 27, 2024

Heavy Duty HEPA Vac

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty HEPA Vac attaches to an ordinary open top drum to turn it into a powerful, HEPA quality, industrial vacuum cleaner. The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac is designed to move more material with less wear. In addition, this vacuum has been engineered to filter contaminants to HEPA requirements in dusty environments requiring frequent cleaning.

Safety & PPE March 26, 2024

UltraLite Series Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Developed after years of first-hand market research, the UltraLite Series garments are designed for use by qualified persons trained in proper arc flash safety in any situation where the risk of exposure to an arc flash is present. The updated line of garments now features a standard color gray, which reflects sunlight for heat reduction in outdoor applications. Additionally, the gray garments allow for easier identification of contamination, as well as of any dirt or debris that may compromise the safety of the garment. The 11- and 12-cal/cm2 UltraLite garments include a balaclava-hooded long-sleeve t-shirt and simple high-waisted pants, made to fit comfortably over daily-wear clothing. With kits available that include gloves, a helmet and face shield, and a basic tool kit, UltraLite Task Wear ensures that technicians are completely safe and prepared for the job. The breakthrough technology used to create the 40 cal/cm2 UltraLite joins two different materials to produce highly protective garments that are 37% lighter than typical 40 cal/cm2 garments, while maintaining premium comfort, durability, and wearability.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Pumps March 26, 2024

Hardide Coated HVOF Copper Nozzles

Hardide Coatings, the provider of advanced surface coating technology, has launched the first in a new range of ready coated and enhanced components with a JP-5000 4” copper nozzle used in High-Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray coating. The tungsten/tungsten carbide-based Hardide chemical vapour deposition (CVD) coating is proven to extend the operational life of HVOF thermal spray copper nozzles by 5 to 40 times when spraying carbide or metallic-based powders. The ready coated nozzles include O-rings suitable to withstand the higher temperatures generated in longer periods of service. This is an extremely exciting new product development which offers significant performance, cost and environmental advantages to users of HVOF equipment. By Hardide coating the internal diameter of copper nozzles used in thermal spraying, our enhanced component offers superior wear resistance and reduced pickup.

Hardide Coatings
Pumps March 26, 2024

EVERLAST Recessed Pump Station with Dual Hatch Entry

LENEXA, Kan. – Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the EVERLAST Rectangular Recessed Pump Station, a semi-recessed climate-controlled wastewater pump station that continues the S&L tradition of high efficiency, long service life, operator ease and safety, and low operation and maintenance costs.

Smith & Loveless
Compressed Air March 25, 2024

GA 11-30 FLX

Atlas Copco is launching GA 11-30 FLX, their first dual-speed compressor. Thanks to the dual-speed technology, the start-up peak, unload power and transient losses are significantly lower than the ones in their other fixed-speed compressors. This means that up to 20% less energy is needed compared to Atlas Copco's traditional fixed-speed models, making the GA FLX their most energy efficient fixed-speed product.

Atlas Copco
Compressed Air March 21, 2024

Super Air Knife Digital Catalog

EXAIR’s catalog offers readers an incredible source of innovative solutions for common industrial problems like conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static buildup. To make this useful resource more readily available, has now launched a fully digital and interactive version of Catalog 35 for easy browsing and added accessibility. Customers will now be able to view, download, print and save either the full catalog, or specific pages and sections. The new digital catalog offers a great number of easy-to-use tools to make finding a specific product easier than ever before.

Pumps March 13, 2024

PFP Drum Pumps for Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution

Finish Thompson Inc. (FTI), an international leader in the corrosive chemical transfer industry, highlights its PFP drum pump, a cost-effective pump designed for container-to-container transfer of acids, corrosives, and chemicals. Featuring multiple material options and connections, the PFP drum pump offers quick and effective fluid transfer with a unique double suction impeller that provides high flow and high head.

Finish Thompson
Material Handling March 12, 2024

Fusion F07 Performance-Enhanced FKM

Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions and engineered components, announces the introduction of Fusion F07, a performance-enhanced fluoroelastomer. Developed by Greene Tweed material scientists and application engineers, Fusion F07 is specifically crafted to withstand common Etch and CVD oxygen/fluorine based gases in semiconductor processing subfab lines, at temperatures up to 355°F (180°C).   With an expected lifetime of at least 6 months, Fusion F07 lasts longer than standard FKM in subfab vacuum system lines. As a result, the new performance enhanced FKM extends the time between planned maintenance activities.

Greene Tweed