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Machinery and Equipment July 16, 2024

High performance 3-D woven composites

In partnership with NASA, BRM recently developed the 3D Orthogonally woven 3DMAT Quartz Material for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) compression pads. BRM uses 3-D continuous weaving to create new joint structures and improve existing joints. Delivering the optimal blend of strength, durability, and structural integrity, BRM’s 3-D woven joints are available in “Pi – π,” double “T,” “H,” and other complex net shapes. 3-D woven joints from BRM lower weight and cost without sacrificing integrity and performance.

Bally Ribbon Mills
Plant Automation July 12, 2024

Vertical reciprocating conveyor

PFlow Industries, the pioneer in vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) technology, highlights the F Series VRC, a 4-post mechanical vertical lift that can easily handle loads of up to 50,000 pounds or more in a wide range of material handling applications, including high-speed, high-cycle environments. The lift can also be customized to handle lift material loads up to 200,000 pounds. The F Series is ideal for lifting multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts, or heavy machinery between two or more levels, indoors or outdoors. The F Series 4-post mechanical VRC offers maximum flexibility in carriage size, capacity, and traffic patterns, allowing loading and unloading from all 4 sides.

PFlow Industries
Power Quality July 9, 2024

ITV2718 5-Amp Rated Battery Protector Series

The latest addition, the ITV2718, provides a five-amp, three-terminal fuse in a 2.7 x 1.8 mm footprint. The innovative design utilizes an embedded fuse and heater element combination to respond quickly, interrupting the battery pack’s charging or discharging circuit before overcharging or overheating conditions occur.   The ITV2718 Battery Protector is suited for a wide range of consumer electronics applications, including: Game consoles E-call Portable routers Portable modems Smartphones Notebooks and tablets “By extending our ITV line of li-ion battery pack protection fuses even further to include these new five-amp-rated devices, Littelfuse is providing electronics engineers even more options for their next-gen consumer electronics designs,” said Stephen Li, Global Product Manager at Littelfuse. “Continuing to expand our portfolio of surface-mountable, three-terminal battery pack protectors enables us to provide these product development teams with even greater, more innovative solutions in battery protection.”   The ITV2718 offers these key benefits:   Prevents overcurrent and overcharging battery pack damage via fast response time and low internal resistance. Surface-mount design simplifies automated printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. Meets industry safety requirements via UL and TUV certifications for faster compliance approval. Halogen-free and RoHS-compliant environmentally friendly components.  .

Gears and Bearings July 9, 2024

XMiner Industrial Gear Units

SEW-EURODRIVE's XMiner Industrial Gear Units are specifically designed for the rigorous demands of mining and aggregates applications including conveyor systems, crushers, and apron feeders. Built on the trusted X.e series platform, the XMiner units are now available with local engineering, stocking, and assembly, ensuring quick and reliable support for North American customers. The alignment-free plug-and-play design simplifies installation, while the Taconite heavy-duty sealing system for abrasive environments like mining and cement, features grease purge-able labyrinth seals and laminar rings to prevent debris from entering the gear unit. The XMiner features gear ratios ranging from 6.3 – 450 in 2, 3, and 4-stage configurations with output torque to 1,637,389 lb-in in multiple finely-stepped frame sizes. Large industrial gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE combine world-class quality with local availability and support, making them an excellent choice for mining and heavy industrial operations requiring reliable and robust gear solutions.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance July 3, 2024

VibWorks LT

Ludeca's VibWorks LT is a cutting-edge, entry-level data collector for industrial maintenance. Featuring advanced AI for real-time data collection and analysis, VibWorks LT enhances maintenance decision-making with minimal setup and training. Its robust design and customizable reporting ensure comprehensive monitoring and easy documentation.

Motors & Drives July 1, 2024

Motor testing technology receives software upgrade

The PdMAEYE has arrived and is now fully supported by the newly released MCEGold 3.2.8. MCEGold 3.2.8 is full of new features and improvements and is available for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. MCEGold 3.2.8 provides support for the new PdMAEYE permanently installed technology for motor testing.

PdMA Corporation
Safety & PPE July 1, 2024

Advanced boot scrubbers for food processing, packaging

Meritech, a leader in automated hygiene technology, highlights their core product line for footwear sanitation: The Meritech Boot Scrubbers. These state-of-the-art boot scrubbers are designed to ensure superior hygiene compliance in food processing and packaging environments, aligning with stringent standards set by GFSI, FDA, FSMA, USDA and GMP. The boot scrubbers feature adjustable brush heights to accommodate a wide variety of footwear, ensuring thorough cleaning for every user. The system automatically maintains the necessary chemical concentration for effective sanitation, eliminating human error and ensuring consistent pathogen removal.

Compressed Air June 27, 2024

Stainless Steel Super Air Knife

EXAIR, a leader in engineered compressed air solutions and static elimination, and BETE, a renowned engineered spray nozzle and spraying systems manufacturer, are excited to announce a definitive merger agreement under which EXAIR has acquired BETE. This landmark combination promises to do what both companies have been doing for decades – create something that has never existed before – and to do it with an unprecedented market appeal. The EXAIR/BETE merger will allow both companies to significantly enhance product offerings and customer engagement. The combined market reach and engineering capacity will drive innovation and product value to a worldwide network of customers, distributors, resellers and OEM’s.

Safety & PPE June 25, 2024

MRT-18-LED Rechargeable Magnetic Retrieving Tool

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the MRT-18-LED, a rechargeable LED light up magnetic retrieving tool. This tool strengthens electric safety work practices by illuminating the exact location of a lost screw, nut, or tool that might have fallen inside a panel. By doing so, it eliminates the need for professionals to carry a light on their heads, in their mouths, or in their hands.  The MRT-18-LED features an 18” flexible shaft that combines a strong magnetized tip with a rechargeable LED light at the tip.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment June 24, 2024

Soft-close and self-close hinges

Grass America, an industry-leading supplier of functional cabinet hardware, highlights TEC Soft-close and Self-close hinges. Packed with features and serving as an industry standard for quality and performance, TEC hinges are backed by the exceptional service and support offered by Grass America.    In a market where many products are perceived as interchangeable, Grass America distinguishes itself by offering domestically produced, high-quality hinges.

Grass America