Wellsite Automation

Wellsite Automation provides engineers in the oil & gas industry the information they need to make quick, accurate decisions that can have a major effect on operations as well as safety. The faster and more accurate the data is, the better the operator’s decision. This eBook includes characteristics and test properties of rotating electrical machine […]

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Oil & Gas Engineering

The oil & gas industry plays a major role in manufacturing and helps keeps operations running in many industries. Featured articles in this eBook include the circular economy’s impact on the oil and gas industry and what companies are doing to promote sustainability.

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Motors & Drives

Maintaining motors and drives and keeping them cost-effective is crucial. It often requires knowledge of many different types of motors, drives and the standards behind them. Successful maintenance, repair and knowledge of these standards help keep manufacturing plants running safely and efficiently. Featured articles include choosing a VFD for medium-voltage motors and three topics in […]

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Air Compressors

Air compressors help keep plants running efficiently behind the scenes and are crucial to overall success. Featured articles in this eBook include 12 reasons why users should monitor air compressor data, choosing the right compressed air pipes for a facility, and so much more in this 49-page eBook!

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PID Tuning

Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) tuning is a key aspect of control systems and process manufacturing. Proper tuning and knowledge is a must for success and it requires precision and know-how. Featured articles in this eBook include stories on three reasons to tune control loops: Safety, profit, energy efficiency, benefits of multivariable process control, tutorial on how to […]


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a hot buzzword in manufacturing today, but what does it mean? What does it mean for manufacturers and what effect will it have for the present and future? This helpful eBook offers several examples of the many digital transformation is taking hold in manufacturing. Featured articles include how to excel in digital […]

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AppliedAutomation is the premier title serving manufacturing and utilities. This eBook demonstrates how automation, instrumentation and control techniques are applied to increase capacity, enhance design and production, improve efficiency, increase profitability and meet regulatory requirements. Featured articles include next-generation, open automation infrastructure controllers and excelling with automation upgrades.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks than ever. Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are merging together and manufacturing systems are vulnerable. Featured content in this eBook include how to lower industrial cybersecurity risk: Help from CISA, INL, ARC Advisory Group, overcoming SCADA integration cybersecurity challenges, 8 steps to defend against foreign […]

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System Integration

System integration is a crucial aspect of manufacturing for control engineers and they are involved in many different aspects and industries. They help companies become more efficient, streamlined and smarter in their day-to-day operations. Featured articles include new PICMG InterEdge standard helps open, modular process control systems,control system integrators: How to excel with automation upgrades, […]

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Maintenance, in all its forms, allow manufacturing plants to prevent problems before they happen and keep their workers safe. It is a constant process, though, and requires all workers in many departments to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. Featured articles include three tech-fueled tailwinds behind asset life cycle management and steps to take […]

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