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Safety June 2, 2022

Detecting dangerous gases to improve safety and reduce emissions

One versatile technology helps protect people and plants, while also detecting fugitive greenhouse gases.

By Jesse Sumstad
Seven keys to a compliant PSM training program for Ammonia refrigeration
Safety January 11, 2022

PSM compliance training according to OSHA

To ensure the safest environment for employees, review current PSM training to verify that it meets OSHA requirements

By Ken Philo
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Safety Standards September 27, 2022

Fall protection tops safety violations for 12th straight year

The 10 safety violations of workplace safety standards that OSHA has cited most frequently this year were announced with fall protection topping the list.

By National Safety Council (NSC)
Courtesy: Cementex Products, New Products for Engineers Database
PPE November 14, 2022

Understanding the importance of PPE and high-visibility clothing for engineers

High-visibility clothing can make an engineer more visible to others.

By Nick Warrick
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Environmental Health December 2, 2022

Seven clean-in-place design best practices

An effective clean-in-place design should be built with a facility's specific needs in mind while reducing contamination and water consumption.

By Thomas Burley and Mason Marriner