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Safety January 19, 2021

How wastewater surveillance can track COVID-19 infections

A method has been developed that detects the COVID-19 virus in wastewater samples as well as whether infection rates are going up or down.

By Michelle Horton
Courtesy: Control Engineering, CFE Media and Technology, 
Safety January 13, 2021

Method developed to find toxic chemicals in drinking water

Researchers have developed a method that casts a wider net for potentially harmful chemicals in drinking water using analytical chemistry and molecular toxicology, which could help water and wastewater operations.

By Doug Donovan
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Robotics April 10, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on mobile robotics growth

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating the opportunity for mobile robots to be used for various markets and could lead to a reassessment of supply chains in the future.

By Gregory Hale
Masks are an important tool for fighting COVID-19 but wearing one can make it difficult for others to hear us speak. Using a unique laboratory setup, Illinois researcher Ryan Corey tested how different types of masks affect the acoustics of speech. Courtesy: Ryan Corey, University of Illinois
PPE January 12, 2021

Disposable surgical masks are best for being heard clearly

Surgical masks are the best personal protective equipment (PPE) option for being heard clearly according to University of Illinois researchers, which can be a challenge for engineers, manufacturers and other essential workers who operate in noisy environments.

By Lois Yoksoulian
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Energy Efficiency November 23, 2020

Improve air quality with high-volume, low-speed fans

HVLS fans move large volumes of air with reduced energy consumption

By Mark D’Agostino