System Integration

System Integration November 28, 2022

Retrofit project for biodegradable plastics facility

A bioplastics company contracted a system integrator to retrofit a brownfield plant to make Nodax polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-based resins, adapting existing on-site batch controls.

By Karen Griffin
System Integration November 25, 2022

SIs to increase US manufacturing competitiveness

Manufacturing has changed due to recent global events with an emphasis on being smarter and leveraging all around us. System integrators (SIs) can help manufacturers with digital transformation, smart manufacturing efforts.

By Jose M. Rivera
System Integration November 23, 2022

2023 System Integrator of the Year winners

Integrator companies Eosys, NorthWind Technical Services and George T. Hall are recognized for their outstanding achievements.

By CFE Media
System Integration November 23, 2022

Digital transformation at Gibson, control system integration for chemical, food and beverage

2023 System integrator of the Year, Eosys, excelled in digital transformation, batch control, and other control and automation system project integration, with emphasis on mentoring and continuing education.

By David Lax
System Integration November 23, 2022

System integration impacts: Feeding children, clean water, recycling

2023 System Integrator of the Year, NorthWind Technical Services, automation and control system integration projects help with feeding school children, delivering clean water, and manufacturing recycled building materials, among others. Related control and automation systems consume less energy, produce less waste, provide for a cleaner and safer environment and produce a better return on customer investments.

By Michael Bosworth
System Integration November 23, 2022

SI Giants 2023 average system integration revenue increases

Supply chain, staffing and COVID-19 are main concerns among SI Giant system integrators.

By CFE Media
System Integration November 23, 2022

SCADA upgrade without downtime: Golden project results

2023 System integrator of the Year, George T. Hall, excelled in SCADA, PLC, HMI, panel design and system integration in developing and integrating process controls for a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer and in a SCADA system for a Nevada gold mine.

By Michael Howard
System Integration November 9, 2022

Systems integrators support end user self-service

Farm, power plant and factory control systems have operated in the same way for decades, following static hard-coded automation logic. This automation logic is typically developed during an initial project development phase and is implemented by automation engineers, as it requires a highly technical skillset.

By Ketut Putra
System Integration October 24, 2022

Six strategic steps to make systems integration seamless

Systems integration is a complex process that requires time, dedication, and the ability to take an objective look at the bigger picture.

By Jaya Krishna Tummala
Randy Otto is the CEO of ECS Solutions and brings more than 25 years of experience in diverse industries, including glass fibers manufacturing and custom assembly machine manufacturing. Courtesy: ECS Solutions
System Integration October 7, 2022

Identify, quantify and mitigate risk in industrial operations

Risk identification becomes the critically important first step, the one without which corrective actions cannot be undertaken.

By Randy Otto