Understanding how fall protection, PPE are managed

In an upcoming April 24 webcast, learn how plant managers and safety experts using how fall protection and personal protective equipment (PPE) in their jobs.

By Plant Engineering April 19, 2024

Safety issues, particularly fall protection and personal protective equipment (PPE), are of chief importance in the manufacturing industry. These measures are crucial in maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

How is the Plant Engineering audience using these types of equipment in their jobs? Content managers Amara Rozgus and Chris Vavra, will review the “Personal Protective Equipment & Fall Protection Study,” in the April 24 webcast “Research Review: Understanding how fall protection, PPE are managed,”which gathered information from qualified subscribers of Plant Engineering.

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Fall protection systems prevent injuries caused by falls from heights, a common hazard in manufacturing. They include guardrails, safety nets and personal fall arrest systems, which can significantly reduce the risk of severe injuries and fatalities.

PPE such as helmets, gloves and safety glasses protect workers from many different hazards. These include exposure to harmful substances, flying debris and extreme temperatures. By shielding workers from these dangers, PPE helps prevent injuries and illnesses, enhancing worker wellbeing and productivity.

The respondents gave information on many topics such as:

  • Primary business served and facility size they work in

  • Top factors they consider when evaluating equipment

  • What they view as impactful marketing and educational efforts

  • Staff feedback on PPE and fall protection equipment

  • Integration of smart technologies

  • How they ensure PPE and fall protection training is accessible and inclusive for all employees.

Rosario Ferraro Jr., director of construction safety and vice president of Salas O’Brien, will join them during the presentation and provide additional insights on his personal experiences as a longtime veteran in the industry. He also will provide insights on challenges and issues workers face and how they’re working to overcome them.