Coriolis Meters

April 18, 2024

Coriolis flow meters directly measure mass flow, making these meters more resilient against variations in temperature, pressure, and fluid density. Coriolis meters serve a wide range of industrial applications, including measuring chemical reactions, by combining high accuracy, versatility, direct mass measurement, and minimal maintenance requirements.


By measuring mass flow, Coriolis meters eliminate the need to make assumptions when measuring typical mass based chemical reactions. Coriolis mass meters help cut out calculations and assumptions since mass is conserved in chemical reactions while volume is not.


Coriolis meters further mitigate the risk of error by combining mass flow with inline-density and temperature measurements taken directly from the meter in real time. This means that a single installation point yields multiple useful and accurate measurements. In addition to these front-end measurements, Coriolis meters offer back-end measurements such as tube frequency, drive level, and sensory amplitudes for further process analysis.


KROHNE OPTIMASS Coriolis meters can handle a wide variety of gases and liquids, offer easy installation, and are low maintenance, as they have no moving parts. KROHNE offers straight tube options including single and multi-straight tubes, including a 16-inch size which is the highest capacity Coriolis meter on the market. The transmitters also have Bluetooth functionality controlled by a mobile app which improves the user interface.

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