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Courtesy: ABB
Plant Automation September 15, 2022

Re-industrialization at risk from automation education gap

A survey by ABB finds there is a growing desire to reshore or nearshore manufacturing, but there's a major automation education gap, which could hamper efforts.

Digi-Key Electronic’s new product distribution center triples the company’s footprint and capacity.
Plant Automation August 26, 2022

Digi-Key’s mammoth product distribution center supports steep bookings growth

The 2.2 million square foot facility incorporates densely packed storage and goods-to-person order preparation

By Kevin Parker
Plant Automation July 30, 2022

15 pieces of automation advice from ROKLive 2022

Automation can help optimize industrial operations, as noted at ROKLive, a recent conference on industrial operations, maintenance, engineering, and enterprise-wide solutions automation, linking operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).

By Mark T. Hoske
Plant Automation July 27, 2022

Applying automation in today’s manufacturing facilities

Automation is a necessity for manufacturing facilities, and it starts with gathering data and understanding where it is (and isn’t) needed and what technologies can help maximize return on investment (ROI).

By Chris Clayton
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Plant Automation July 1, 2022

Why automation matters for every manufacturer

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can level the playing field with their larger competitors by embracing automation with an approach that best suits their business needs.

By Paul Rivers
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Plant Automation June 27, 2022

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: June 20-26, 2022

The most-viewed content from the past week covered automation trends, IT/OT convergence, compressed air systems, Lean manufacturing tools and Product of the Year winners. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By McKenzie Burns
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Plant Automation June 20, 2022

Automation and manufacturing trends for the future

Jeff Burnstein, A3 president and the key organizer behind Automate 2022, offered his views on the latest trends in automation and what he sees for the future.

By Tim Dawson
Plant Automation June 17, 2022

Flexible automation, robotics at Automate

Automate 2022 in Detroit strongly emphasized flexible automation as companies seek ways to address the supply chain and labor shortages exacerbated by COVID-19 and other world events.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Plant Automation June 7, 2022

Automation can help manufacturers, workers thrive

The growing need for skilled workers and increased automation should be a joint venture that can provide benefits for the company and employees.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: TME
Plant Automation May 4, 2022

Overcoming industrial automation implementation challenges

Industry 4.0, elevated levels of efficiency will lead to better use of assets and increased output, but upfront financial costs can be difficult for some manufacturers.

By Arkadiusz Grzegorek