Digital Transformation

Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Digital Transformation October 26, 2021

Are manufacturers complacent about digital transformation?

New research has revealed that the manufacturing industry is dangerously underestimating the role that technology will play in building a sustainable operation that can thrive in the face of future pandemics, the climate crisis and economic and political instability.

By Control Engineering Europe
Courtesy: Virtual Training Week from CFE Media and Technology and IDC
Digital Transformation October 15, 2021

The organizational implications of digital transformation

As part of CFE Media’s Fall 2021 Virtual Training Week’s opening day, October 18, Kevin Prouty, group vice president for IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights, will present on the topic of the organizational implications of digital transformation.

By Kevin Parker
Digital Transformation March 8, 2021

Five digital transformation trends in manufacturing for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged the demand for digital offerings and Industry 4.0 technology

By Julia Quintel and Johannes Papst