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Hat turns heads

Head-Turners hardhats' unique design allows workers to express their own style, encouraging increased safety compliance. Two designs withstand temperature variations, humidity, and exposure to UV light. The designs are fully reflective for added protection in low light. The hardhats have four-point ratchet suspension, fit head sizes 61/2 to 8, and meet ANSI Z89.1 Class E standards.

American Allsafe Co.

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UPS for smaller facilities

PureWave UPS System provides enhanced service to facilities served by a single power source. Available in ratings from 380 V to 34.5 kV, it provides back-up power to the entire facility for up to 30 sec, eliminating up to 98% of voltage disturbances commonly encountered. It switches from the utility source to the stored energy source in 1/4 cycle, fast enough for computers to ride through.

S&C Electric Co.

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Condense vapors at tank vent

A finned-tube heat exchanger is designed to condense 93% of vapors coming from a storage tank vent at flows up to 25 scfm and is for applications that require an extra-deep core and more than 15 psig gas pressure capability. The simple bolt-on flange allows for removal of the core and transition. Ethylene glycol is used as the cooling medium.

Xchanger, Inc.

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Speed reducers in stainless

A line of stainless steel speed reducers is available up to 5 hp and in frame sizes 918, 921, 926, and quill-type 56C, 140RC, and 180 TC NEMA C-type inputs. Features include 304 stainless steel housings, covers, and shafts, O-ring sealed C-face, and a pressure compensation chamber that prevents internal pressure buildup. No breather is required.

Baldor Electric Co.

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Stainless steam trap self-drains

LV21 stainless steel, balanced pressure, thermostatic steam trap has high air venting capability. Other features include patented fail-open design for tracing service, positive open-close operation for reduced wear, large screen, compact size, pressure-to-close design, and hardened valve head and seat. It is available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 in. NPT sizes.

TLV Corp.

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Meter has open jaws

AC MultiTester Model 38393 with open jaw AC clamp-on and autoranging digital multimeter allows the user to not bother with opening and closing jaws when testing wires in a control panel. This makes the testing process faster and easier. It also makes it easier to reach wires in tight locations. The meter measures ac current up to 200 amps.

Extech Instruments

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Manage compressed air condensate

Aquamat condensate management system, with its four-stage separation system, automatically and reliably separates oil from condensate. This virtually eliminates the need for expensive disposal by outside contractors. Models are available in six sizes, featuring rugged construction and an integrated manifold system.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

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Position monitor works on valves

Model 1250B programmable position monitor is specifically designed to accept inputs from rotary synchro transmitter devices. It is configured to give proportional valve position signals that can be interpreted as position in percent-of-closed status.


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Conveyor belt aids accumulation

Series 1400 roller top, flat top, and friction top belts offer an alternative to maintenance intensive roller chain and narrow rubber belting on skid conveyor systems. The roller top version allows for low back pressure accumulation of skids when required.

Intralox, Inc.

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Weld machine has smooth arc start

Precision TIG 275 and 375 units take advantage of Square Wave TIG technology to offer a smooth, controlled arc with excellent starting performance at amperage levels as low as 2 amp. There is minimal high frequency interference.

The Lincoln Electric Co.

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Board allows viewing four monitors

Predator Pro 4 for the CompactPCI (cPCI) bus is a four-port, multi-display video adapter for viewing four separate monitors from one PC. It has video drivers for Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP. The unit is designed as a 3U Eurocard form format.

Colorgraphic Communications Corp.

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System collects wood dust and plastic chips

This powerful, two-stage dust collection system is designed to eliminate wood dust and chips generated by routers, saws, and sanders. Waste is deposited into a waste container outside the building, and clean filtered air is returned. No cartridge filters are required and the only maintenance consists of periodic inspection and motor lubrication. Filter life is typically 10 yr.

Aget Mfg. Co.

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User-friendly hoist

The Manipulator control is available on the Mini-Cat AH Series of air-powered chain hoists and is ideal for repetitive working practices on assembly lines and workstations throughout a variety of industries. The ergonomic design enhances operator comfort, while an adjustable right or left one-hand control and optional positioning of the Manipulator's height on the load chain makes the hoist even more user friendly.

Harrington Hoists, Inc.

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Pump has non-conductive shell

Six additional sizes of Model 3298 sealless, magnetic drive pumps extends the line to 15 sizes with a performance range to 1200 gpm, 530 ft of head, 225 psig working pressure, and 250 F operating temperature. The ANSI standard pumps feature a nonconductive containment shell that eliminates eddy current losses found in metallic sealless pumps. The 3298 is available in a variety of configurations, including framemounted and closecoupled.

Goulds Pumps

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Injectors dispense liquids in many forms

PurgeX injector is a straightforward system that is self-contained and can operate in any orientation. It is capable of dispensing a liquid spray, stream, drop, or fraction of a drop. It can be used for dispensing adjustable quantities of liquid. There are a variety of methods of operation: air operated, motor driven, solenoid operated, and manually operated.

Oil-Rite Corp.

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Filter withstands high temperatures

THERMO+PLUS is the first filter made with pleatable glass media for dust collection. The filter is pleated with unsupported glass media and combines 500 F heat tolerance, the chemical resistance of glass, and the high filtration capacity of pleated technology. Features include a design that prohibits tubesheet leaks and has adhesive and mechanical construction.

TDC Filter Mfg. Co.

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Vehicle restraint is reliable

VBR-300 DOK-LOK vehicle restraint helps to safely and reliably secure trailers at the dock to protect against early departure, trailer creep, and dock walk. Its simple design results in high reliability and low maintenance.

Rite-Hite Corp.

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Locate ground faults quickly

Ground Fault Locator System (GFLS) is an advanced unit for identifying and locating ground faults on 480-V ungrounded or high-resistance-grounded electrical distribution systems. The GFLS can locate intermittent faults with a duration as short as 10 cycles. These remote indicators do not require auxiliary power or communications connections.

ABB, Inc.

The Substation Automation and Protection Div.

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Fiber optics measure flow rates

Model FLSC90-A fiber optic signal conditioner interfaces directly with paddlewheel flow sensors. The device provides a high-intensity light source to the sensor through a semiflexible, duplex fiber optic cable. Returning light pulses are measured and converted to a scalable analog output that is proportional to the flow rate. Analog output is 4-20 mA or 1-5 Vdc.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

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Monitor forklifts

RFID provides a real-time link between a lift truck in the plant and a PC in the office. It transforms how a company collects data to augment OSHA compliance while monitoring damage. The device transmits data on 15 discrete criteria via a radio link.

Shockwatch, Inc.

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There were the big events for the year, including the United States as Partner Country at Hannover Messe in April and the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago in September. There's also the matter of the U.S. presidential elections in November, which promise to shape policy in manufacturing for years to come.

But the year started with global economic turmoil, as a slowdown in Chinese manufacturing triggered a worldwide stock hiccup that sent values plummeting. The continued plunge in world oil prices has resulted in a slowdown in exploration and, by extension, the manufacture of exploration equipment.

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