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Fire suppression systems FM-200 clean agent fire suppression systems are featured in a new 6-p foldout brochure.


Fire suppression systems

FM-200 clean agent fire suppression systems are featured in a new 6-p foldout brochure. The systems are designed for use where valuable, sensitive equipment and/or people are to be considered in the protection strategy.

Fike Corp.

Circle 316



ProTeus CMMS is described in a new 8-p brochure. The literature provides information on the features of the system, as well as applications.

Eagle Technology, Inc.

Circle 317



WP series low-pressure mechanical flowmeters indicate hydraulic oil or water flow rates from 0.05-150 gpm at pressures to 3500 psi. Airflow rate ranges from 4-1300 scfm are also available. A 4-p bulletin provides product information, flow data, and options.

Webster Instruments

Circle 318


Sensor connectors

A 12-p catalog covers the E Series of sensor connectors. The literature provides end style, pin number configuration, and other parameters for five types of connectors. The products operate at temperatures of -20-80 C, and provide NEMA 6P, 1P67, 1P68 protection.

Hirschmann, Inc.

Circle 319


Modular building solutions

New 16-p catalog explains how modular building systems can create additional space inside or outside the plant. Photos, specifications, building application guide, and panel ratings section are included for interior and exterior panelized buildings, preassembled panelized buildings, and powder-coated mezzanines.

Panel Built, Inc.

Circle 320


Stepper/servo motor brakes

A complete family of front-end stepper/servo motor brakes is detailed in this 12-p brochure. All brakes are power-off, or "failsafe" units, that mount easily to the front end of a stepper or servo motor as an added safety feature or for holding the load in place. The literature offers product information, specifications, and application guidelines.

Electroid Co.

Circle 321


Silicone tapes

Brochure describes tapes designed to create a self-fusing insulating barrier that resists moisture, oxidation, and corona activity. The tapes are suited for harness wrapping and wire bundling to meet Class H insulation, splicing, and terminating wire and cables; and sealing systems for motor connections. They are produced from a specially formulated silicone and provide a cohesive insulating barrier with service temperature ranges from -65-500 F.

Flexfab Molded Products Group

Circle 322


Single-stage compressors

New technical bulletin covers small single-stage compressors with output from 500-5000 cfm and 4-39 psig.

Turblex, Inc.

Circle 323


Dispensing products

A 12-p brochure describes a wide range of dispensing solutions available for a variety of applications.

Liquid Control Corp.

Circle 324


Modular buildings

A new 16-p catalog presents information on a variety of modular building solutions, including buildings, enclosures, and mezzanines. A variety of applications are featured in the catalog, along with technical information.

Panel Built, Inc.

Circle 325


Low Nox burner

DRB-4Z burner offers lower emissions and unburned fuel costs by means of a transition zone. The burner offers maximum Nox reduction potential for coal-fired applications; alternate configurations are available to fire natural gas and fuel oil. A 4-p brochure provides an overview.

Babcock & Wilcox

Circle 326


Lighting control

Brochure details a full range of lighting control solutions, from basic systems to fully featured, advanced control systems. The literature explains how the systems combine demands for energy efficiency with productivity and comfort.

Horton Controls

Circle 327



New 8-p engineering data and application guide describes a wide array of coatings that prevent wear and corrosion while improving surface lubricity of metal parts. The guide details 13 coating families and provides information on each, including friction properties, corrosion resistance, operating temperature range, thickness, FDA/ USDA and AgriCanada compliance, and applications.

General Magnaplate

Circle 328


Collars and couplings

A 32-p catalog features a wide selection of standard shaft collars and couplings, available in inch and metric designs. The catalog contains nearly 1400 products, including hexagonal bore collars, balanced two-piece collars, setscrew collars, and more. Product photos and an easy-to-use index are included.

Stafford Mfg. Corp.

Circle 329


Lift magnets

A complete line of self-contained, battery-powered material handling lift magnets is featured in an 8-p brochure. The literature offers product information, specifications, and rated lift capacities.

O.S. Walker


Circle 330


Cable management

EZ Tray resource guide tells how this cost-effective cable management system works to save time and simplify any installation. The wire mesh cable tray system handles 90-deg turns, multiple level changes, and obstructions.

Cablofil, Inc.

Circle 331


Disaster recovery

The 9th edition of the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages is a 350-p sourcebook designed to help users locate crucial, but hard-to-find recovery services throughout the U.S. and Canada. The book contains more than 3000 vendors in more than 270 categories, including drying and dehumidification of paper and microfilm records, smoke-odor counteracting services, emergency rental of POS and computer equipment, and more. The cost is $101. A free brochure offers additional information.

The Systems Audit Group, Inc.

Circle 332


RTD temperature sensors

Catalog provides product information for the SNI series of RTD temperature sensors designed for applications where temperature measurement is critical, but intrusive temperature probes are not practical.

Burns Engineering

Circle 333


Electrical products

An extensive selection of electrical products is featured in a 226-p catalog. Products include cable ties and assemblies, molded plugs, wire harnesses, and switches.

Del City

Circle 334


Environmental system construction

This 8-p brochure provides an overview of solutions for pollution control construction projects, such as flue gas desulfurization, selective catalytic reduction, and other environmental control systems.

Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co.

Circle 335


Casters and wheels

A 112-p buyer's guide offers casters and wheels for hundreds of applications. The literature includes specifications and illustrations for all products from light-duty furniture casters to heavy-duty industrial casters for heavy machinery. A special section helps the user cross-reference casters by manufacturer.


Circle 336


Air filtration

A new 16-p catalog describes an entire line of air filtration products, including disposable panel filters, cleanroom fan/filter ceiling modules, and more.


Circle 337


Pneumatic actuator

The Access actuator is described in a new 12-p brochure. The integral pneumatic actuator and accessories package offer full digital protocol compatibility to DeviceNet, Modbus, or AS-interface (ASI) networks. The brochure shows product features and specifications.

Worcester Controls

Circle 338


Gas monitoring instruments

Product guide describes units for monitoring toxic gases, combustible gases, and oxygen levels. The instruments are available as pocket-sized, portable, and fixed systems. Analyzers and detectors monitor more than 200 flammable and hazardous gases.

CEA Instruments, Inc.


Circle 339


Conveyor system

New 4-p brochure describes the Accuzone conveyor system, which is designed for applications that demand precise product handling and system flexibility. Based on a modular design, the system provides accumulation zones for accurate placement of conveyed product.

Alvey Systems, Inc.

Circle 340


Power tools

Comprehensive 74-p catalog highlights a line of power tools and accessories. Products include drills, grinders, sanders, and more.

Metabo Corp.

Circle 341


Drum handlers

A complete line of drum handling products is featured in a 28-p catalog. Products include hydraulic and pneumatic units, forklift attachments, and hoist adapters. The publication offers product photos, dimensional drawings, performance data, and features and benefits.

Drum Runner Material Handling Co.

Circle 342


Energy management

A full line of current transducers, current-operated switches, and power transducers for energy management and facility monitoring are featured in this 20-p catalog. Detailed specifications, applications, and installation diagrams are included to help the users specify the right devices.

Neilsen-Kuljian, Inc.

Circle 343


Control products

Two new catalogs highlight instruments for process control applications. Controllers and Recorders provide product information on a wide range of instruments. Technical data, selection information, and handy glossaries are included in both publications.

TTI, Inc.

Circle 344


Mist collection

Literature describes the Mist-Gard maintenance-free mist collector. The open, continuously self-draining system removes virtually 100% of hazardous metalworking fluid from the air. Performance data and product information are included in the literature.

Monsanto Enviro-Chem System

Circle 345


Material handling solutions

A 32-p brochure highlights a wide range of products and services for material handling. Application photos show how conveyors, monorails, ASRS, and other systems can solve a variety of material handling problems.

Jervis B. Webb Co.

Circle 346


Carton and pallet flow storage systems

A 6-p brochure describes carton and pallet flow storage systems and provides examples of the systems in warehousing and distribution facilities. Carton flow storage provides unique solutions for virtually every storage requirement and FIFO rotation of goods. The product line accommodates bins and cartons up to 66 lb, and large boxes, containers, and plastic totes up to 220 lb. Pallet flow storage systems provide maximum space utilization within the storage cube. The systems include wide roller, narrow roller, pushback, steel wheel, and polycarbonate wheel.

Interroll Corp.

Circle 347


Center flow container

A 4-p brochure explains how the design of a center flow container allows complete emptying without tipping. The reusable, plastic container has a 56.5x48-in. footprint with 58.3-cu ft capacity, and carries 2500-lb fully loaded. The container is used for shipping, storing, or dispensing a wide range of products. A cutaway view of the container is provided in the brochure.

AC Buckhorn

Circle 348


Roller bearings

Literature describes Sphere-Rol roller bearings. The bearings offer high capacities, high limiting speed, long life, and greater overall design flexibility.

Emerson Power Transmission

Circle 349


RFID systems

Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems are featured in a new 117-p catalog. Product data, selection guide, and reference information are included.

Omron Electronics, Inc.

Circle 350


Gas detection

A 76-p catalog and reference guide features single and multigas portable monitors, confined space kits, fixed monitoring systems, and repair and rental information. Detailed specifications, accessories, and product data are included.

Industrial Scientific Corp.

Circle 351


Hydraulic squeeze bushings

An 8-p catalog describes Ambush hydraulic squeeze bushings. Application information, advantages, design considerations, technical data, dimensional drawings, and assembly/disassembly information are provided.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.

Circle 352


Vacuum valves

A 6-p brochure describes the LoPro line of compact vacuum valves that are a combination of a standard isolation valve and a bypass valve. They are smaller than standard vacuum poppet valves, requiring less space on a system. The literature includes descriptions, specifications, and dimensions.

MKS Instruments, Vacuum Products Group

Circle 353

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