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2014 Product of the Year finalists: Safety

Finalists in the Safety category for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year competition.


Camfil Air Pollution Control Stinger
Explosion isolation valve

The Stinger explosion isolation valve protects against combustible dust explosions while offering combined benefits of tested and certified performance, rapid reaction speed, energy savings, and maintenance ease. A key feature is a lightweight, patent-pending composite blade that reacts with the highest possible speed in the event of an explosion. Because of its light weight, less pressure drop is needed to hold the blade open during normal flow, saving on energy use. Also, the composite material has a smooth surface and does not use stiffeners that can allow dust to build up on the blade to compromise performance.

Camfil Air Pollution Control

CBS ArcSafe RSA-174F
Remote switch actuator

The CBS ArcSafe RSA-174F remote switch actuator allows technicians to remotely open and close the ABB Tmax T7 frame molded case circuit breaker from a distance of up to 300 ft while stationed outside of the arc-flash perimeter. The RSA-174F is compatible with all ABB Tmax T7 frame molded case circuit breakers equipped with the over-toggle operating mechanism and with ratings of 1,000 to 1,200 A at up to 600 V. The RSA-174F is lightweight, portable, and ideal for remote operation in difficult-to-access areas; the quick and simple setup of the RSA-174F is streamlined for repeated operation and requires no modifications to the user’s equipment.

CBS ArcSafe

Eaton SPD MAX Series
Surge protective devices

Eaton SPD MAX Series side-mount surge protective devices (SPDs) offer maximum safety, flexibility, and protection from the dangers of power transients. The products help shield technicians from danger with innovative barriers that block access to harmful voltages. Lockout provisions are also available on models with a circuit breaker option. To simplify management, dual-color LED lights show protection status for the unit as a whole, or any of its phases on three-phase devices. An additional dual-colored LED indicates the power and protection status of the neutral-ground connection in models that require a neutral wire.


Leum Dockshield
Removable forklift dock barrier

The Dockshield removable forklift barrier provides a heavy-duty pedestrian and forklift guardrail with the flexibility to be easily removed, stacked, and reconfigured. Dockshield combines employee fall protection via 42-in. personnel guards with heavy-duty 12-in. high-impact barriers and an engineered embedded floor sleeve. The forklift barrier’s floor sleeve creates solid ground support by transferring load impact forces to the concrete. Installed flush to the floor, the product reduces trip hazards when barriers are removed. The Dockshield’s guardrail posts feature integral fork pockets, enabling a forklift to easily lift and maneuver each 10-ft unit of barrier.

Leum Engineering Inc.

New Pig PIG Build-A-Berm Self-Rising Drive-Over Barrier
Pop-up drive-over barrier

The PIG Build-A-Berm Self-Rising Drive-Over Barrier features an innovative, self-rising side-wall that allows easy access to containment areas for cart, forklift, or foot traffic, and is always ready to rise and contain any spill or leak that happens. The Berm’s wall lays flat to allow forklifts, pallet jacks, and drum trucks to drive-over for easy access to the contaiment area. In the event of a spill, the drive-over gate will automatically rise with the spill level to keep liquids contained. This product also aids facilities in compliance with regulations 40 CFR 264.175, 40 CFR 122.26, and 40 CFR 112.7.

New Pig

Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30
Software-configurable safety relay

Machine builders can easily implement required safety functions while improving productivity with the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 software-configurable safety relay from Rockwell Automation. Users can program the safety relay through the free Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation. Connected Components Workbench software reduces programming time and helps increase productivity by allowing users to create, control, and monitor a safety system in the same software environment as their standard control. The Guardmaster 440C-CR30 software-configurable safety relay meets PLe, SIL 3 per EN ISO 13849-1, and IEC 62061.

Rockwell Automation

ShieldMark Mighty Line
Floor tapes

The ShieldMark Mighty Line floor tapes were designed to help managers improve the safety, organization, and productivity of their facilities. The easy-to-apply floor marking products can be used for a wide variety of industry applications and boast long-lasting durability and labor-saving advantages. Might Line’s essential attributes include quick application, long life, and critical safety warning messages. Mighty Line’s advanced floor marking tapes provide non-invasive floor marking installation and removal. They can also be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers, resist damage from wheeled forklift traffic, and are fume-free.

ShieldMark Inc.

Victaulic FireLock Series 745 Fire-Pac
Pre-assembled fire protection valve, trim

The FireLock Series 745 Fire-Pac is a pre-assembled fire protection valve and trim that is pre-wired to a fire alarm control panel and enclosed inside a metal cabinet. The Fire-Pac features sealed cabinets with heating and insulation for outdoor installations, while maintaining a small footprint reducing space requirements, more inlet pipe and drain connection options, and a greater ambient temperature range. The minimized footprint allows for greater usable floor space and eliminates the need for mechanical closets. It is an ideal option for installation of the FireLock NXT dry, deluge, or preaction systems.


Victaulic VC-250
Fire sprinkler coating

The Victaulic VC-250 sprinkler coating for maximum corrosive protection is UL listed and FM approved for corrosion resistance. The VC-250 coating is applied to fully encompass the sprinkler frame at a uniform thickness to prevent areas of vulnerability seen in other coatings. Each FireLock sprinkler surface is fully coated to ensure maximum coverage and protection. Sprinklers with the VC-250 coating are designed for service in a wide array of corrosive environments such as water treatment, food manufacturing, ethanol production, and pickling stainless steel lines. Third-party corrosion tests have shown it shows no visual change against physical damage and weathering.