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Semiconductors May 17, 2024

Global semiconductor manufacturing industry grows to start 2024

The global semiconductor manufacturing industry in the first quarter of 2024 showed improvement with increased installed wafer fab capacity.

Semiconductors February 20, 2024

Semiconductor defects could boost quantum technology

Cornell Engineering researchers went found two distinct defects in gallium nitride, one of which can be manipulated for quantum applications.

By David Nutt
Semiconductors January 12, 2024

Advanced 2.5 and 3D semiconductor packaging technology insights

Semiconductor packaging technologies have evolved to 2.5 and 3D, but they come with specific advantages and drawbacks.

By Yu-Han Chang
Semiconductors December 18, 2023

Semiconductors play major role in Singapore manufacturing decline and recovery

Singapore’s manufacturing industry is facing a tough 2024, but it’s expected to recover in 2025 as semiconductors bounce back.

By Jack Loughney
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Semiconductors January 5, 2023

2D semiconductor research used to improve quantum computing, solar panels

Texas A&M University researchers are improving 2D semiconductors by better understanding dark excitons, which can help improve technologies such as quantum computers and solar panels.

By Steve Kuhlmann
Semiconductors December 16, 2022

Global chip industry to invest more than $500 billion over next two years

SEMI announced the semiconductor industry will invest more than $500 billion by 2024, which will include 28 manufacturing facilities starting construction in 2023.

Semiconductors August 10, 2022

Semiconductor material that performs better than silicon

Researchers have found a material that can perform much better than silicon in cubic boron arsenide, but finding practical and economic ways to make it remains a challenge.

By David L. Chandler
Courtesy: Kyle Redmond, Purdue University
Semiconductors June 23, 2022

Semiconductor degrees program launched

Purdue University has launched a comprehensive set of interdisciplinary degrees and credentials in semiconductors and microelectronics.

By Brian Huchel
Courtesy: Silvia Cardarelli, University of Michigan
Semiconductors February 16, 2022

Exciton surfing could enable next-gen energy, computing

Excitons, which escape traditional electrical losses, could help cool down computers and enable faster speeds and higher efficiencies.

By Catharine June
Courtesy: SEMI and SEAJ, December 2021
Mechanical & Electrical December 3, 2021

Global semiconductor equipment sales reach record high

SEMI reported record semiconductor equipment sales for the fifth quarter in a row as strong demand fuels industry.