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Courtesy: Hitachi Global Air Power
Compressed Air April 4, 2024

Pipes and valves are critical in a compressed air system

There is more to an efficient compressed air system than the compressor itself. Piping, valves and fittings all play an important role in the overall health and efficiency of a compressed air system.

By Peter Modrow and Brian Mann
Courtesy: ThermOmegaTech
Pumps March 13, 2024

Determining the right freeze protection for pipes in a facility

Choosing the right freeze protection can prevent damage from water supply disruptions, which can have adverse effects on a plant facility.

By Christine Tarlecki
Pumps February 23, 2024

Sensing a better maintenance solution for pump systems

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can support better maintenance and improved OEE for pump systems.

By Trenton Roncato Juraszek
Plumbing, Pumping December 1, 2023

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By Plant Engineering
Motors & Drives November 17, 2023

More answers on motors and drives: Examples of how to optimize industrial energy usage

In an October 30 webcast on optimizing energy usage for industrial motors and drives, Advanced Energy’s Michael Lyda discussed the basics of energy conservation standards for industrial applications of motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), fans, pumps and compressors.

By Plant Engineering
Figure 1: In a potential failure (P-F) curve, oil analysis is used early to reveal if the oil is degrading or contaminated, to avoid issues that will cause the equipment to begin failing. If needed, it also can be used later in the interval to identify wear metals. Courtesy: Motion
Pumps September 4, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: August 28 to September 3, 2023

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By Chris Vavra
Energy Efficiency & Management May 26, 2023

Plant Engineering most-viewed energy management articles in 2023

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By Tyler Wall
Additive Manufacturing May 11, 2023

Researchers 3D print a miniature vacuum pump

The device would be a key component of a portable mass spectrometer that could help monitor pollutants, perform medical diagnoses in remote areas.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Safety & PPE March 1, 2023

Plant Engineering most-viewed content, February 2023

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By Christina Miller
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance February 6, 2023

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: January 30-February 5, 2023

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By Christina Miller