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Make your own enclosure ModRight Enclosure Modification Program offers customers the opportunity to benefit from inhouse capabilities for achieving accurate, cost effective enclosure changes.
By Staff June 1, 2000

Make your own enclosure

ModRight Enclosure Modification Program offers customers the opportunity to benefit from inhouse capabilities for achieving accurate, cost effective enclosure changes. The program provides choices for customizing enclosures, including cutouts, holes, windows, vents, countersinking, latches and locks, and nonstandard sizing. Besides 20 standard colors, computers can match any custom choice.

Stahlin Fiberglass Enclosures

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Care and water batteries

A 6-min video reveals the keys to safety and speed in performing battery maintenance, as well as ways of extending battery life. Using a water injection system and “Blinky,” a battery watering monitor, can save money and time. The injector system helps avoid drying out or over-watering. Operators are no longer required to water batteries and are kept safely away from battery acid.

Philadelphia Scientific

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Got a warehouse problem?

Warehouse is a single source, comprehensive, turnkey solution for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It consists of warehouse and logistics best practices, professional services, warehouse management software, wireless data collection and printing solutions, implementation, and ongoing support.

Peak Technologies

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Stay on the level softly

Steel and stainless steel swivel levelers with nonskid elastomer pads feature a superior bonding technique to control shock, vibration, and noise. The bonding strength ensures that the pads remain in place for years. The 0.125-in. thick pads are offered with levelers of both 1-in. and extended length for applications that require additional clearance.


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Tune in for positive IDs

A free 117-p catalog provides comprehensive information about a line of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, including tags, antennas, and controllers. The publication features information about the V600 electromagnetic RFID system, V620 microwave RFID system, and V700 electromagnetic inductive system.

Omron Electronics, Inc.

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Get pumps off your mind

PRO Services offers a complete range of life cycle management options to optimize MRO efficiencies. It repairs all brands of pumps and rotating equipment, and comes to your location to provide complete repair services. Technicians are available 24 hr/day, every day of the year.

Goulds Pumps

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Color my pallet

Three high-visibility, fluorescent colors-magenta, green, and orange-are being added to a line of plastic pallets, bringing the total available to 15. Even fully loaded, these pallets remain highly visible, which comes in handy when color coding in-process material, taking inventory, and identifying a load as being hazardous.

PDQ Plastics, Inc.

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Safety training avoids penalties, a comprehensive training e-marketplace, enables safety managers to find just what they want and get it in just a few minutes. Finding training programs and services quickly is critical since failure to do so can result in stiff penalties, fines, and lawsuits. The search engine and innovative tools make finding the right safety training products easy. Safety buyers can review products online.

TrainSeek, Inc.

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Manage your own cable

This comprehensive resource guide provides all the information required for cable management solutions. It includes a catalog with a detailed overview of the product line with complete instructions on cutting and installing trays. A compact product line card provides information at a glance, along with fast and easy installation applications and techniques. Case studies describe unique situations where cabling problems are solved.

Cablofil, Inc.

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Keep a cool head

Icy Blue Ones offer a great way to stay cool in warm working conditions by using cooling crystals that absorb up to 200 times their weight in water. The product features a sophisticated, high quality fabric that keeps the polymer crystals inside and protects against leakage. Just soak in cool water for 20 min and get 24 hr of heat relief. The top-of-head style attaches to hard hat suspension, and the browmount style attaches to brow suspension. The bandanna style ties around the neck or forehead.

American Allsafe Co.

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Why your roof leaks

Seamless polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems fact sheet details the common causes of roof leaks and roof recover options. It includes a review of roof characteristics, factors that speed roof deterioration and damage; capabilities of and advantages to installation, use, and maintenance of SPF systems; and structural design, energy, air conditioning, and heating cost savings.

Polycoat Systems, Inc.

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Filter match made easy

A user-friendly, online, cross-reference guide makes it possible for users to match 12,000 filter elements from 45 other manufacturers with appropriate replacements. Entering information using just a few keystrokes allows the user to match filters by entering either the manufacturer’s name or part number. This step leads to a page displaying the replacement element, dimensions, element style, media type, and performance specifications, including filtration ratio and dirt holding capacity.

Schroeder Industries

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All about hot pumps

A technical bulletin on MPH Series pumps explains how these close-coupled, sealless, magnetically-driven units are specifically designed for low flow, high head, high temperature applications. Detailed information includes product specifications, benefits, capacities, and dimensions. The pumps do not require cooling water and can handle temperatures up to 536 F.

Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

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Get to know the flow

Piping Systems Fluid Flow is a software design and analytical tool for determining the flow of liquids and gases. The tool provides a total working environment for hydraulic design, analysis, and troubleshooting in new and existing piping systems. A graphical interface comprises a flow sheet format and piping components with data entry and result tables on one screen. A free demo download is available on the company’s web site.

Flite Software, Ltd.

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Motors for all voltages

Expanded ac motor line is available in low and medium voltages and includes a 3-yr warranty. Available enclosures and ratings are TEFC through 5810 Frame, 800 hp; ODP, WPI, and WPII through 5810 Frame, 1500 hp; inverter/vector through 5810 Frame, 800 hp; and explosion-proof through 449T Frame, 350 hp. Features include a choice of premium or high efficiency windings.

Baldor Electric Co.

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An internet portal with free registration brings filter manufacturers and users together to conduct business. You can search for and locate filtration manufacturers, distributors, and products at below market rates. You can also find functional equivalents, buy products, and learn about filtration products and services. Site transactions are secured via VeriSign., LLC

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