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By Staff April 1, 2000

How much to fix it?

The 1300-p Vendor Consolidation Guide is the first resource of its kind designed to assist maintenance procurement professionals and plant engineers determine fair market value pricing for repair, calibration, and remanufactured items. The guide lists over 16,000 manufacturers whose products can be serviced or supplied new at wholesale prices.

Speck Industrial Controls, Inc.

Circle 251

Solving power quality problems

The Written-Pole machine offers helpful solutions to motor and generator users who suffer from power quality problems. Standard motors feature an internal rotor that spins inside a stator. This new machine inverts the structure by creating a flywheel effect that allows it to ride through 99% of power quality disturbances. At full load, full power is applied for 10-15 sec.


Circle 252

Keep a cool tower

Cooling Technology Institutes (CTI) BlueBook is now available as a software program for Windows-based personal computers. The software quickly and accurately calculates the demand curves necessary in cooling tower design and allows performance predictions at off-design temperatures.

Cooling Technology Institutes

Circle 253

Connectors become quick disconnects

RF coaxial connector adapters solve numerous interface problems, including compatibility between large and small series connectors and incompatible plugs, jacks, and receptacles. Applications include adapting to more common interfaces, hardware transitions, changing cable run direction and sizes, and converting standard connectors into quick-disconnect types.

Tru-Connector Corp.

Circle 254

All about manufacturing environments

Manufacturing Interactive is a computer-based multimedia training program to help people learn about manufacturing environments. Suitable for novices or veterans looking for a refresher course, this CD-ROM describes key terms and concepts, demonstrates how manufacturing plants operate, and explains financial matters and other issues important to the manufacturing industry.

Arthur Andersen

Circle 255

It’s set in concrete

Publications and Services Catalog 2000 lists more than 400 concrete information items, including publications, CD-ROMs, and videocassettes. The publications include the latest design and construction standards, building codes, state-of-the-art reports, handbooks, manuals, and special publications.

American Concrete Institute

Circle 256

Get heat fast

A Fast-Ship program provides JIT parts to help minimize MRO downtime and spare parts inventory. The program delivers catalog listed, assembled-to-order, screw-plug immersion heaters within three business days. There is 24-hr delivery for stock heaters and controls, including single-loop and multi-loop PID temperature controllers and sensors.


Circle 257

Wiring duct/raceway guide

Types G and F slotted wall duct and Type FS solid wall raceway are introduced in a bulletin. Constructed of rigid PVC material, all three products are rated for continuous use at temperatures up to 122 F. In addition to features and benefits, the literature provides specifications, including dimensions, cable fill capacities, and physical properties.

Panduit Corp.

Circle 258

Cut harmonics off at the pass

Broad-Band harmonic suppressors substantially reduce total harmonic current distortion in ac variable speed drive systems. A patented design eliminates the problems associated with tuned harmonic filters, which helps meet several standards without creating harmonic resonance within the power system and without importing harmonics, while improving power factor and minimizing telephone interference.

MTE Corp.

Circle 259

Sample how to find air cylinders fast

Ever need to cross-reference air cylinders, but couldn’t find the right catalog? Cylinder Comparison for Light and Medium Duty Pneumatic Cylinders eliminates the time needed to find pertinent information on pneumatic tie-rod air cylinders. This 90+-p reference guide contains information on 39 series from 32 manufacturers. The information is in two sections-summary and details-and placed in easy-to-read tables. A 12-p sample can be viewed and downloaded at the web site.

Fluid Power Technologies

Circle 260

Paperless catalog

A free, easy-to-use CD-ROM provides information on thousands of electrical and software products. The CD combines thousands of pages of paper catalogs into a single, easy-to-access format. It also provides product data sheets, procurement specifications, illustrations, and an embedded search engine to help find information.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 261

Tips for boiler controls

An updated catalog simplifies the selection and ordering process for a complete line of boiler controls, liquid level controls, and flow switches. The 192-p publication contains convenient reference sections on basic system operations, selection charts, conversions and formulas, basic wiring techniques, maintenance and replacement interval guidelines, installing flow switches, and installing and wiring controls for specific applications.


Circle 262

Steam traps for high pressure jobs

CS Series traps serve high pressure modulating steam applications and jobs where F&T traps are better suited. These traps offer horizontal or vertical piping configurations from the same unit. They are easily repaired in-line because the cap and mechanism are detachable. The wafer element withstands 45 deg F of superheat and resists water hammer damage. Sizes range from 1/2 -2-in. NPT and are designed for 450 psig at 14,000 lb/hr.

Armstrong Intl., Inc.

Circle 263

Pick the right pumping tubing

Do you use Tygon tubing with ammonium hydroxide, but are not sure of the chemical compatibility? A free 18 X 22-in. Tubing Compatibility poster is a quick reference of the compatibility for all tubing formulations and pump head materials with over 195 chemicals. The poster is also a quick guide to the compatibility of food products, including everything from beer to vegetable oils.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.

Circle 264

Safe faucet

Economy Safety faucet is FM approved for dispensing solvents and other hazardous or flammable liquids from drums or distribution lines. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel or Teflon. The body has a grounding screw and the spout has a flame-arresting screen to prevent vapor flash. A swivel union between the body and spout enables the spout to be adjusted to any position.

A.H. Sales, Inc.

Circle 265

Free electrical standards test

The Industrial Automation Control Products and Systems Section of NEMA is sponsoring a 1-yr test to evaluate a program to provide free access to industry standards over the internet. Throughout 2000, users can visit the web sites to view or download automation and control standards. The material can be accessed at New standards and updates will be posted as they are approved.


Circle 266

Beyond the supply chain

No Boundaries: Moving Beyond Supply Chain Management is a 1-hr audio presentation based on the book of the same name. Author Jim Tompkins declares that it’s time for companies to move beyond supply chain management and embrace the total integration process of Supply Chain Synthesis. Using a holistic, continuous improvement process, the synthesis unites and optimizes links in the supply chain, ensuring customer satisfaction, maximizes speed to market, and reduces costs.

Tompkins Associates

Circle 267

Clean up compressed air

A catalog provides information on the importance of filtering, drying, and conditioning compressed air; and explains how the process works. A filtration system produces clean, dry exhaust air free of water, oil, rust, and other contaminants that can disrupt compressed air systems. Ten dryers are described, with capacities from 15-2000 scfm. All come standard with a 5-micron rating, with lower ratings available.

La-Man Corp.

Circle 268

Your very own lift truck training

The Key to Productivity CD-ROM operator training program is fully customizable to the user’s situation and consists of formal instruction (lecture, discussion, interactive learning, and videotape) and 3-D and line art to illustrate the training exercises. The software is divided into two parts: a 2-3-hr classroom section and an administrative record-keeping section. The classroom section includes a summary of OSHA regulations, instructor’s manual, templates, and other PC-driven materials.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.

Circle 269

Get your MSDS fix fast

An online catalog of over 400,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be viewed or downloaded on an annual subscription basis. The service is available at In most cases, this service can replace cumbersome MSDS manuals for employees’right-to-know and is available 24 hr/day. Subscribers can search for MSDS by each chemical’s brand name, generic name, or 17,000 manufacturers to retrieve full text.


Circle 270

Getting VME solutions

XVME VMEbus Products selector guide helps choose the right PC processor and industrial I/O solutions. The patented combination of the industry standard VME platform with a PC architecture provides designers of multiprocessing systems with the ultimate in board-level capability. The guide also lists a complete selection of digital and analog I/O, high-speed communications, memory, and mass storage products.

Xycom Automation, Inc.

Circle 271

Maintenance-free pump

An 8-p brochure provides operating data, schematic illustrations, detailed specifications, and performance charts and graphs on the Series 60, maintenance-free, in-line mounted centrifugal pump. The literature presents the various features and benefits of the pump, such as the XL-11 precision crafted bearing system, hydraulically balanced impellers, and resilient-mounted motors.


Circle 272

House calls for gauge problems

An on-site instrument review is like a house call for process plants. Specially trained experts offer a full check-up and diagnose misapplied gauges and thermometers and spot problems plant operators may not know even exist. Onsite reviews are confidential and last 1-2 days. Experts review a portion of the plant and hold a meeting to present their findings. Plant operators learn how to improve safety and reduce downtime. Reviews can be requested at 800-328-8258.

Dresser Instrument

Circle 273

We are here to servo you

A 52-p Designer’s Guide gives dimensional data, load ratings, deflection formulas, critical speed drive and sizing calculations, with specifications and torque curves for a wide range of motion control products. Systems data describes ball screw gantry glides, belt drive actuators, individual component and packaged stepper controls, servo motors, and servo amplifier systems.

Numation, Inc.

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