Suggestions and Solutions

By Staff October 1, 2000

Going linear

Product information on brushless linear motors, linear stepper motors, ac linear induction motors, linear positioning stages, linear motor controls, and motion control programming language and software is available in a free 242-p catalog. Information includes linear motor and control dimensions, technical data, connection data, keypad instructions, and catalog identification.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 251

Speaking of dehumidification…

A free, comprehensive glossary of desiccant dehumidification terms and a dew point conversion chart highlight a 20-p booklet. This popular glossary-of-terms booklet has been expanded to contain more than 50 definitions and an informative 2-p description of humidity controls.

Air Technology Systems

Circle 252

Motorize jib cranes

A retrofit package is available to upgrade manual jib cranes to motorized units complete with electrical controls and pendant. The kit includes a heavy-duty gear motor, dual drive wheels which provide rotation on the worst pillar surfaces, adjustable heavy-duty drive wheels, soft-start acceleration and re-versing starter in a NEMA 4 enclosure, and two-button NEMA four push-button stations.

Bushman Equipment, Inc.

Circle 253

Coming clean

Millennium edition Cleanroom Design and Accessories catalog contains over 100 pp of detailed information on essential products for designing, constructing, furnishing, and maintaining a cleanroom facility. The full-color catalog contains listings for over 1800 products. New products include cleaners, wipers, gloves, garments, acrylic and ESD dissipative lines, cleanroom packaging and vacuums, and stainless steel furniture, stools, and equipment.

Liberty Industries, Inc.

Circle 254

Save the trailer

TS-2000 trailer stand prevents trailer landing gear collapse and trailer tip-over. It fits under the nose of spotted trailers to help support and prevent loading dock accidents. The 51/2-in. tubular steel structure supports trailers when faulty or rusted landing gear fails to support the trailer. It handles a 100,000-lb static load. A large plate fits directly under the edge of the trailer nose for solid support.

Rite-Hite Corp.

Circle 255

It’s a gas

Design & Safety Handbook for Specialty Gas Delivery Systems is available in both online and downloadable versions by logging on to the web site at The 54-p handbook is intended for anyone who specifies, designs, purchases, or operates specialty gas delivery systems. It provides descriptive background information about typical delivery system components.

Scott Equipment Technology

Circle 256

Get total gearmotor info

Gearmotor CD 2000 CD-ROM features Swift selection 6.0 to help pick products and generates a listing of Swift kits from the appropriate model number. The program also features RadiCad 6.0 that displays the view of unit choices based on the gearmotor selected and generates DXF files for CAD.

Textron Power Transmission

Circle 257

Defining coatings

Protective Coatings Glossary contains over 1500 simple definitions for surface preparation methods, equipment, and standards; formulation, application, and inspection of high-performance coatings and linings; coatings end-uses; coating failures and application defects; and environmental, health, and safety regulations. It provides a useful overview of basic terminology.

The Society for Protective Coatings

Circle 258

Making air come clean

Clean Air Fact Book is a free, 20-p authoritative guide which offers information that enables manufacturers to provide a safe and healthy work environment. The book features simple, practical, and profitable guidelines for a cleaner workplace. The handy guide also discusses clean air regulations and how to comply, air cleaning technologies and how they work, maintenance factors, and guidelines for making informed decisions.

United Air Specialists, Inc.

Circle 259

Do safety on the internet

Safetylogic is a subscriber-based, online system that allows safety managers to perform a large portion of their job responsibilities via the internet. The system performs a variety of typical, everyday safety management duties, such as conducting audits, adding and tracking action items, managing bulletins and questionnaires, and running reports. Safety management information can be gathered, distributed, and archived.

Circle 260

Sensors and transducers online

A 12-p, short-form catalog features pressure transducers and magnetic sensor-based products in printed form from the company, and in an easy-to-use, printable electronic format (PDF) on their web site. Summaries of precision pressure transducers in standard, ruggedized, and explosion-proof forms, magnetic direction and position sensors, magnetometers, and digital compass modules can be viewed. Product specifications, application notes, and white papers can be downloaded.

Honeywell SSEC

Circle 261

What solenoids can do

A free, 20-p catalog serves as a helpful guide to the proper selection and installation of industrial-grade solenoids. The publication details the complete line of push and pull ac and dc models, including 27 types of tubular dc solenoids. Illustrations show the proper application of solenoids for maximum service life and troublefree performance. Voltage requirements and easy-reading stroke and force charts are included.

Detroit Coil Co.

Circle 262

Find leaks easily

Fluorescent dyes for hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and system coolants help find troublesome leaks before they become major problems. Literature and technical service lines assist with dilution ratio questions concerning the amount of dye for a particular host fluid. The UV lamp allows personnel to look for leaks without a power cord.

Bright Solutions, Inc.

Circle 263

Cleaning up your act

Hazwoper videotape training program- Decontamination Procedures -comes with a comprehensive leader’s guide, reproducible scheduling and attendance form, employee quiz, training log, and training certificate. Areas covered include work practices, engineering controls, personal protective equipment, and equipment, solutions, and procedures.

The Marcom Group, Ltd.

Circle 264

Training online

How to Implement Online Training provides the framework for a successful program. Content of the booklet includes required information to evaluate current and future needs, answers to questions and issues concerning system requirements for successful delivery of training materials, and necessary avenues for implementation to all employees globally.

Circle 265

Check your Blinky

“Blinky” battery watering monitor alerts maintenance personnel that water is needed. When the battery’s electrolyte level is high enough and no water is needed, the monitor blinks. When the light stops blinking, the battery needs water. This simple monitor helps reduce downtime.

Philadelphia Scientific

Circle 266

Give welders clean air

Fresh-air II 9000 video explains the features, basic operation, and maintenance of three welding respiratory systems. Systems P (for particle fumes) and G (for particle fumes and specific gases and vapors) are air purifying respirators. The SA system is a supplied air respirator that connects up to four welders to a fresh air purification and regulation panel.

Hornell Speedglas, Inc.

Circle 267