Product Intros

By Staff March 1, 2001

Adhesive has instant tack


Fastbond 49 is a one-component, water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides instant tack on fiberglass insulation, felt, and fabric. It is easy and economical to apply with a high volume pump feed spray, gravity feed spray, brush, or roller. Bonded components reach handling strength on contact, using only hand pressure.

3M Co .

Circle 371

Flexible duct support cuts installation time


Flex Riggin Strap cuts flexible duct installation time in half and eliminates the kinking and sagging caused by other hanging methods. It replaces flammable nylon strapping or thin plastic wires. The straps are adjustable and come in two sizes to accommodate duct ranging from 4-18-in. OD.

Evesham Enterprises, LLC

Circle 372

Tube cleaner has variable speed


RAM 6 Ream-A-Matic tube cleaner features a 11/2-hp variable speed drive motor, optional cleaning solution injection system, and power flush up to 500 psi at 2.2 gpm. It is used for removing soft and hard deposits from smooth bores and internally enhanced tubes/ pipes from 1/4-1-in. ID. When the motor is reversed, the unit switches to a water flush.

Goodway Technologies Corp.

Circle 373

Boiler produces steam in 5 min


EX Series low water content boiler is a once through, forced circulation design that produces steam in 5 min, while maintaining an 85% fuel-to-steam efficiency. The watertube unit occupies 33% less floor space than a typical firetube and does not require tube pull space. The compact design means much smaller radiation losses and larger fuel savings.

MIURA Boiler West, Inc.

Circle 374

Reduce noise without custom designs


LSE noise barrier wall system is a modular or basic building block design that meets specific noise abatement requirements without the cost of customization. Further flexibility is obtained by the absorptive and reflective characteristics of the modules. The barrier wall is constructed of high-density elements, which stack and interlock to the desired wall height; and are locked in place by H-beams.

Sound Fighter Systems

Circle 375

Thermometer transmits readings remotely


Series DVUT is the first self-indicating temperature transmitter that is light-powered. The patented, mercury-free unit with a loop-powered 4-20-mA transmitter results in a single device that allows reading and remote transmitting for HVAC systems. Dual sensors offer independent operation for reliability and convenience.

Weiss Instruments, Inc.

Circle 376

Belt driver educes inventory


PowerGrip GT2 belt drive system reduces inventory and maintenance costs for high-speed synchronous drives above 500 rpm. The belts transmit up to 200% more horsepower than first generation, curvilinear, synchronous belts. The increased capacity means the belt can be used on narrower, more compact, and less costly belt drive systems.

The Gates Rubber Co .

Circle 377

Expansion loop has large movement


Tri-Flex Loop provides a flexible pipe loop that absorbs and compensates multi-plane pipe movements simultaneously while reducing pipe stress. The loop absorbs up to 4 in. of movement resulting from thermal changes and misalignment in piping. It comes in sizes from 1/2-14-in. ID.

Flex-Hose Co., Inc.

Circle 378

Lights for low bays


CM Series delivers superior lighting distribution for low bays in a midsize fixture. Performing ideally at heights of 18-25 ft, the CM produces exceptional levels of uniform, diffuse light without glare.

Ruud Lighting, Inc.

Circle 379

Kit measures exact flatness


Microgage 1000 kit has two unique items -a precision leveling base and high-accuracy, 90-deg laser beam splitter – for creating exact planes and checking right angles. The leveling base features three high-pitch adjustment screws and coupled with the laser provides flatness measurements to 0.0001 in. over a range of 15 ft.

Pinpoint Laser Systems

Circle 380

Bearings serve food and beverage industries


Dodge E-Z Kleen stainless steel, housed, mounted ball bearings are designed for the speed and load capacities of the food and beverage industries. The bearing is FDA/USDA compliant and available with end closures for additional protection from contaminants.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 381

Wipes carry own cleaning agent


Mold & metal wipes are strong, versatile cleaning towels for a variety of applications. Saturated with a powerful cleaning agent, they remove mold releases, grease, oil, silicone, polishing compounds and more.

Slide Products, Inc.

Circle 382

Ball valve adapts to manual and automated service


The Apollo three-piece ball valve is designed for peak performance in manual and automated service. The valve includes an ISO 5211-type mounting pad for easy actuation, and is equipped with advanced packing and mounting elements to meet most service requirements.

Conbraco Industries

Circle 383

Purifiers supply breathing air


Nomonox breathing air purifiers deliver high-quality air and maximum protection at a fraction of the utility cost of conventional, refrigeration-based purification systems. The units remove odors, carbon monoxide, and other contaminants from the airstream.

Zeks Compressed Air Solutions

Circle 384

Primer meets VOC regulations


Zinc Clad III HS organic, zinc-rich, epoxy primer is VOC compliant and meets Class B Slip Coefficient requirements per AISC specifications for structural joints. The coating offers long-term corrosion resistance.

The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Circle 385