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System reduces water consumption Safeunit sealing water control system provides a complete monitor and control solution for seals and packing in process industries.
By Staff December 1, 2000

System reduces water consumption

Safeunit sealing water control system provides a complete monitor and control solution for seals and packing in process industries. It improves process operations and yields significant cost savings. Usage studies show the system reduces water consumption up to 80%. With energy savings and associated costs, payback on a single unit can be 4-7 days.

John Crane

Circle 371

Plastic pallet comparable to wood

Extreme fire-resistant, 40-in. 3 48-in. pallet is the first and only one to exceed the rigorous fire performance requirements of Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It offers the durability of plastic at a level of fire safety comparable to wood. The pallet has true four-way entry, is edge-rackable, and has a load capacity of 2800 lb with a uniformly distributed load.

GE Plastics Supply Chain

Circle 372

Soft start handles two-speed applications

MACv2000 soft start is used where a less sophisticated, more cost-efficient motor control is required. The one-piece unit is used for single or two-speed applications. It can be applied through 17 full-load amps in 230 and 460-V ratings and 12 full load amps for 575-V ratings. The unit offers a 2-30 sec adjustable acceleration ramp.

Electromotive Systems by Magnetek

Circle 373

Laser Measures space

LEM 30 laser tool measures distance, area, and space without contact within a range of 8 in. to 100 ft. It is quick yet accurate to 1/8 in. A built-in laser dot sight facilitates reproducible measurements in sunlight or otherwise highly illuminated conditions. The tool stores 100 measurement records for PC data transfer.

Ludeca, Inc.

Circle 374

Multiple disk brake has fast response

MDB Series multiple disk brakes are designed so the friction disks rotate with the rotor, instead of being stationary with the output hub. This design, along with a new spring release mechanism, allows the friction and pressure plates to release approximately two times faster than previous models. The brakes can handle torques up to 2300 ft lb.

Ogura Industrial Corp.

Circle 375

Ultracapacitor supplies additional power

PC2500, a 2500-farad ultracapacitor, supplies power to a system during peak loads and outages. Measuring 161 mm 3 62 mm 3 61.5 mm, the unit caches 7800 Joules of energy at a nominal 2.5 V for high-powered discharges ranging from fractions of a second to 1 min. It provides roughly 10 times the power density of ordinary batteries.


Circle 376

Grease pump provides positive metering

PurgeX grease injector pump with a single-piece piston withstands adverse conditions since it is constructed of aluminum with brass and steel components. The pump is available in single and multiple feed outlets. Injectors are precisely adjustable for outputs from 0-0.009 cu in./cycle. Vapor lock is eliminated by complete ejection after each stroke.

Oil-Rite Corp.

Circle 377

Steam humidifiers feature ionic bed technology

Series GFH HumidiClean with ionic bed technology uses propane or natural gas to generate humidifying steam from tap or refined water, including demineralized, deionized, or reverse osmosis. The ionic beds minimize tank cleaning and extend the effective service life of parts, especially the submersed heat exchanger.

Armstrong Intl., Inc.

Circle 378

Tube fitting reduces leakage

New tube fitting features an advanced, patented technology to help installers make more consistent, leak-tight, high-performance connections in instrumentation and hydraulic applications. The tube fitting features a back ferrule design engineered to hinge during installation, delivers greater gripping and sealing action, and reduces the potential for improper installation.

Swagelok Co.

Circle 379

Vision sensor has dual camera

Model F150-3 vision sensor with dual camera capability allows users to perform two camera inspections/measurements simultaneously. The sensor also offers a unique intelligent light source that allows setting light intensity and direction during inspection routines for more accuracy. A Windows-based software package can quickly configure inspection programs.

Omron Electronics, Inc.

Circle 380

Electronic humidifiers provide 200 lb/hr

SGH electronic series of self-contained, standalone humidifiers produce mineral-free, odorless, sterile steam generated at atmospheric pressure inside a disposable plastic cylinder. Using an auto-adaptive control mechanism, the system automatically adjusts to incoming water conditions.

Liebert Corp.

Circle 381

Drill bits work with portable tools

Pilot Point bits solve the problems of walking, spinning, and breaking when drilling with portable equipment into metal or wood. The patented drill bits start holes on contact, preventing the bit from walking across the workpiece. The No-Spin shank overcomes the number one frustration with keyless chucks: spinning bits.

DeWALT Industrial Tool Co.

Circle 382

Gas analyzer measures most common fuels

UniGas 2000 is a handheld flue gas analyzer used for boiler tuning, combustion analysis, and complementary auxiliary testing. Two electrochemical sensors read oxygen and carbon monoxide concentrations. The values, together with flue gas and combustion air temperatures, are used to calculate efficiency, excess, and CO 2 in compliance with existing standards.

TTI, Inc.

Circle 383

Flowmeter has steam jacket

The steam jacketed turbine flowmeter was developed because some very viscous liquids require steam or hot water to maintain a liquid state when passing through a metering device. Features include 11 overlapping sizes from 1/4-3 in., steam jacket pressure rating of 850 psig at 650 F, and a turndown range of 10:1-100:1.

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

Circle 384

Impeller extends pump reliability

The Peerless 8196 low flow impeller improves reliability, reduces costs, extends efficiencies, and increases mean time between failure. End users can now simply and cost-effectively return a pump to its best efficiency point and operate there by merely changing the impeller. The unique design solves problems with a single part.

Sterling Fluid Systems (USA), Inc.

Circle 385

Ratchet gets into tight spaces

A 3/8-in. flex-head indexable ratchet is a versatile alternative to conventional versions. The tool features an indexing head capable of locking in 24 positions that provide a new angle every 15 deg. Seven angles are available to ratchet over and around obstructions. It is simple to use because it is easily adjusted with one hand.

Stanley-Proto Industrial Tools

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