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Instrument measures bore centers Boralign is the latest development for measuring bores and bearings in compressors, turbines, and pumps.
By Staff February 1, 2001

Instrument measures bore centers

Boralign is the latest development for measuring bores and bearings in compressors, turbines, and pumps. It measures true bore centers, not just bore straightness and whether multiple bores are inline with one another with the rotating centerline of the shaft. Bracketing covers diameters from 5-30 in.

Ludeca, Inc.

Circle 371

Tube cutter is self-feeding

Model 118 self-feeding, midget cutter is a spring-loaded tool that provides an action that makes it unnecessary for continuous adjustments while operating. Designed in a compact size for tight or hard-to-reach spaces, the tool cuts hard and soft copper, aluminum, and brass from 1/4-11/8-in. dia. A knob allows for quick changeover from one diameter to another.

Ridge Tool Co.

Circle 372

Acquisition system synchronizes data, snapshots, and audio

Dash 18 is an 18-channel portable data acquisition system that captures digital video snapshots and audio along with synchronized waveform data. The video data is time-stamped and synchronized to the waveform and audio data to facilitate later review and analysis. The high-resolution, 15.4-in. monitor is designed for intuitive touchscreen control and real-time data viewing and analysis.

Astro-Med, Inc.

Circle 373

Safety relay provides reliability

G9SA safety relay unit provides control reliability by performing a self-checking function that won’t allow an unsafe condition to occur. If additional safety outputs are needed, more contacts can be added with a three-pole expansion unit. Force-guided relay contacts ensure a positive relationship between the NO and NC contacts, which allow the unit to perform as a control reliable monitoring device.

Omron Electronics, Inc.

Circle 374

Spikes won’t fall out

GRIP-X High Traction footwear provides slip resistance in all winter conditions, including ice, snow, and slush. The grips won’t fall out, fit conveniently over work shoes and boots, and feature 16 key traction spikes that enable firm footing in the worst conditions.

Jordan David

Circle 375

Security system is intuitive and integrated

The Sapphire Series is the industry’s first intuitive and fully integrated security system. It employs familiar internet browser technology, along with a unique auto configuration for simple installation and operation. The system supports up to 128 card readers, 4000 cardholders, and 4 functional workstations.

InfoGraphic Systems

Circle 376

Worktables remove fumes

DFT Series downdraft tables offer a versatile and pollutant-free work surface for welding, cutting, and grinding operations. The heavy-duty work surface and cabinet design handle abuse, while optional side and rear spark shields isolate other operations. A magnahelic gauge helps measure air cleaning efficiency.

Micro Air

Circle 377

Relays control output voltage

Solid state power controller relays provide controlled line voltage output proportional to the command signal received. The units operate from a 24-Vac isolated power supply and use an input control signal from 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vac.

HBControls, Inc.

Circle 378

Enclosure cooler works in dirty environments

VCool vortex cooling system provides precision temperature management for small enclosures located in harsh, dirty, or high temperature environments. Powered by compressed air, the system’s cooling capacity is not dependent on the surrounding air’s purity or temperature. It is used for locations where the ambient temperature exceeds 130 F.


Circle 379

Sensor features short deadband

Superprox SM902A-8 Series of long-range, ultrasonic, dual-level sensors has a short deadband and long sensing range. The 8-in. deadband eliminates the need to mount the sensor at great distances from the object being detected. The sensing range is from 8 in. to 25 ft. The 4.58-in. long housing allows the sensor to be easily mounted.

Hyde Park Electronics, Inc.

Circle 380

Railings do not require welding

Lite slip-on aluminum pipefittings are designed for making pipe-fitted railings and other tubular structures. They are strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. The fittings are used with 11/4 and 11/2-in. pipe sizes; require no welding, threading, or drilling to install; and are a cost-effective and labor-saving alternative to welded railings.

Kee Industrial Products, Inc.

Circle 381

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