Power Transmission

By Staff December 10, 2004

Instant valves

“ASCO Today” is a customer excellence program that guarantees same-day shipment of select items across their product lines. Orders in by 3:00 p.m. EST are guaranteed to ship the same day or the freight is free. Products are outlined in a 224-p catalog, V7375. The program includes a range of solenoid valves, valve monitoring systems, pressure switches, and more.

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RPP drive belt

Eliminator belt is engineered to replace any RPP tooth-profile belt of the same width and comparable length, while providing double the service life of RPP belts. Designed to run on existing RPP sprockets and idlers, and with the same tension as the original RPP belt, these high-performance, poly-urethane synchronous belts have been tested to last or the cost will be refunded.

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Desiccant breather

Watchdog desiccant breathers are a unique particle filtration and water removal system. They prevent contaminants from entering equipment as air is breathed in and out due to thermal expansion or fluid level changes. They are designed to replace traditional vent caps on gearboxes, reservoirs, and storage tanks.

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Grid coupling

1000 Series grid couplings combine high-torque, high-horsepower operation with vibration, shock, and misalignment capabilities not provided by other metallic coupling types. The couplings feature an advanced design with a high-tensile alloy grid that reduces vibration by as much as 30%, cushions shock loads, and compensates for parallel, angular, and axial misalignment.

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Hinged collars

A line of low-cost, hinged shaft collars can be placed anywhere on a shaft, have a smooth bore, and can be used with thin-wall tubing. Collars are offered in steel and stainless steel in 15 popular sizes from 3/8-in. to 2-in. ID. They have triple-link hinges and eliminate the two separate collar halves and loose screws associated with conventional two-piece shaft collars.

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Linear bearing system

DryLin R plastic linear bearings require no lubrication or maintenance. DryLin S anodized aluminum shafting is optimized for friction and wear to work seamlessly with these bearings. Together, this complete motion-control system is low cost, rust free, contamination resistant, and will not corrode. Shafting can be customized with flats, grooves, holes, and other modifications.

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Vertical pump bearings

97000 Series angular contact ball bearing sets feature a split inner ring to accommodate thrust in either direction, provide extremely high thrust-carrying capacity, and allow for an optimum ball complement in their assembly. They can serve as ideal solutions for handling heavy loads, especially in vertical pumps, since their two bearing sets act in tandem to share the primary thrust load.

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Solid bearings

Graphalloy 845PTB Series pillow blocks are available for conveyors with closely spaced rolls or other confined areas. The units are offered in sizes from 1/2 in. to 2 in. and interchange with most standard ball bearing pillow blocks. They are self-lubricating and work in temperatures from -400 F to 1000 F.

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