Power Transmission

By Staff June 1, 2005

Become a pneumatic specialist

The Fluid Power Society (FPS), the Industrial Training Zone (ITZ), and CFC-Solar have joined forces to offer interactive computer-based training for FPS Pneumatic Specialist certification. The course combines interactive learning modules and 16 hours of classroom training. In addition, there is test preparation including interactive calculators. For more information go to ifps.org or call 800-303-8520.

Fluid Power Society , www.fps.org , Write 300 on PE card

Troubleshoot hydraulic systems

About 50% of the components replaced may not be the source of hydraulic system problems. Could problems be prevented or repaired more quickly with better trained personnel? Hydraulics Training seminar has a 3-day agenda that covers solving problems involving most major hydraulic components. Experienced instructors who present the material in an interesting and understandable manner explain hydraulics theory. For more information go to www.nttinc.com or call 800-922-2820.

National Technology Transfer, Inc. , www.nttinc.com , Write 301 on PE card

Maintain hydraulic systems

A free Safe Hydraulics and Preventive Maintenance seminar is available for qualified organizations. A qualified instructor will be sent to your location to help identify component weaknesses and develop safety procedures for your organization. Subjects covered in the 2-hour session include inspection procedures, troubleshooting, and hose characteristics, selection, assembly, installation, and cleanliness. For more information go to www.gates.com .

Gates Corp. , www.gates.com , Write 302 on PE card

Cam followers for high/low temperatures

GRAPHALLOY yoke style cam followers work in temperatures up to 750 degrees F and require no grease or oil that can burn up or gum up in cold temperature or wash out when submerged. Under load, they will not soften or extrude. Cam followers, without stud, are available in roller ODs ranging from

Graphite Metallizing Corp. , www.graphalloy.com , Write 303 on PE card

Port connectors

ADACONN port connectors offer enhanced pressure capabilities for 37 degree male end fitting connections. When used with ADAFLANGE adapters and/or ADAFLANGEPORT adaptors, they give greater flexibility in plumbing compact SAE four-bolt flange connected systems without welding. With these connectors, fluid is confined to the inner bore where supporting wall thickness is the greatest. These connectors have been proof-tested with Code 62 to a pressure of 18,000 psi.

Adaconn Inserta , www.inserta.com , Write 304 on PE card

Stop motor/shaft bearing current

Aegis Shaft Grounding Coupling (SGC) prevents electrical damage to bearings of ac motors by safely passing harmful shaft current to ground. Extremely effective yet low-cost, the coupling provides an ultra-low impedance path from shaft to frame, allowing current induced by variable frequency drives (VFD) to pass to ground without damaging motor bearings or bearing races. In addition to eliminating damaging shaft current, the SGC provides cleanroom-quality bearing isolation with a dustproof seal that protects against water spray.

Electro Static Technology , www.est-aegis.com , Write 305 on PE card

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