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Industrial caulks, sealants and adhesives Diversified Brands announces new White Lightning products in a brochure that features more than 25 industrial caulks, sealants and adhesives. The Silicone sealants are designed to avoid cracking, crumbling and shrinking, even under extreme temperatures ranging from -85ºF to 600ºF.
By Staff July 1, 2001

Industrial caulks, sealants and adhesives

Diversified Brands announces new White Lightning products in a brochure that features more than 25 industrial caulks, sealants and adhesives. The Silicone sealants are designed to avoid cracking, crumbling and shrinking, even under extreme temperatures ranging from -85

White Lightning

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Ultrasonic transducer

Published in April 2001, the 34-page ultrasonic transducer catalog is a complete reference guide to the company’s product line. In addition to new products, the catalog includes information on more than 4,000 standard and special probes and shaded tables for easier usage. Test blocks, couplants and cables are also contained within the pages.

Krautkramer Inc.

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Ergonomic solutions

A 16-page booklet details how productivity can be boosted through the use of ergonomic products. Topics of discussion include lifters, tilters, worker positioners, portable lifting equipment and carousels, and each insert presents an overall view of the product, its applications, design specifications and safety features. Cost-effective and worker-friendly ergonomic products can play a key role in reaching production goals and maximizing profitability. Vestil offers many of these products with special sizes and specifications.

Vestil Manufacturing Co.

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Hydraulic testing equipment

A four-page look at the Webster Instruments product line is in four-color. Products include portable hydraulic testers, turbine and positive displacement flow meters, pressure transducers, panel readouts, in-line flow indicators, hydraulic test stand instrumentation, pressure test kits, pump test kits and portable/industrial data acquisition equipment.

Webster Instruments, USA

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Pressure management

Viatran’s brochure focuses on pressure measurement solutions for oil productions platforms, chemical/food/pharmaceutical processing systems, machine control equipment and industrial test facilities.

Viatran Corp.

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Motor efficiency

A new 16-p brochure describes how electric motor efficiency is measured, explains premium efficiency, and describes how to save energy. The literature provides an overview of new software which compares annual operating costs of three different electric motors based on their efficiency ratings and operating cycles, and gives a financial summary of the annual savings and payback for each.

Baldor Electric Co.

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LED lamps

New catalog features intermediate and medium 15-mm and 25-mm based LED lamps. The publication features exit sign retrofit LED lamps and kits, beacon warning lights, industrial stack light status indicator tower lamps, traffic control lamps, and more. With a choice of sizes, standard electrical bases, sunlight-visible colors, and industry standard voltages, the catalog contains lighting solutions for nearly any need.

LEDtronics, Inc.

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The Torque Max motor features high torque and rugged construction, making it ideal for tough environments. A 4-p brochure provides an overview of the motor, along with a cutaway that clearly depicts the features of the motor. The motors are available in 5[en]350 hp.

Rockwell Automation

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Automated storage and retrieval

A 6-p brochure describes a variety of automated storage and retrieval machines, including micro, mini, unit load, and dual mast retrievers.

Webb Triax Co./Jervis B. Webb Co.

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Integrated process control

An 8-p brochure describes process control solutions for integrating operations and information software, reducing hardware costs, implementing multivariable control, and optimizing controls for reduced energy and material costs. Processes discussed include heat exchanger, boiler, wastewater treatment, security, and more.

ABB Instrumentation Div.

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Building and grounds maintenance

A 59-p catalog contains hundreds of products for buildings and grounds maintenance needs. All materials featured in the literature are easy-to-use and require no special application techniques, training, or equipment.

Revere Products

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Architectural resources

New manual provides all the information needed to specify ceiling, wall, and door frame systems. The manual provides up-to-date literature and technical information on a wide range of products.

Chicago Metallic

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Fire safety

A 44-p catalog describes a line of fire safety handbooks and logbooks for building managers in implementing fire prevention and safety procedures that satisfy the NFPA’s National Fire Code and the Uniform Fire Code. The publication also features fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide alarms, first aid kits, and more.

Safety Media, Inc.

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Motion control

Motion Solutions catalog features motion controllers, servo amplifiers and motors, stepping amplifiers and motors, machine control stations, operator interfaces, and motion software. The 64-p publication provides specifications, product photos, and illustrations.

GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.

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Total plant solutions

A new 8-p brochure targeted toward automotive plants provides an overview of a wide array of products and technologies, including lighting, noise abatement, safety, abrasives, tapes, respirators, floor matting, signage, and more. The program can be customized to suit any needs.

3M Automotive Innovation Center

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Material handling equipment

More than 2000 ergonomically designed material handling products are featured in a 48-p catalog. A wide variety of lift tables, floor cranes, truck-mounted cranes, gantry and job cranes, and more are presented in the literature. Photos, product descriptions, applications, capacities, and dimensional data are included for each product.

Air Technical Industries

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Electric wire rope hoists

A new 8-p brochure describes electric wire rope hoists and the benefits they bring to a wide variety of applications. The unit’s electromechanical load limiter, fan-cooled motor, and self-adjusting pull-rotor brake are highlighted in a detailed diagram.

Harrington Hoists

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Training resources

A wide range of training tools is featured in an 88-p catalog. Videos, CD-ROMs, web-based courses, handbooks, and more are available in a wide range of topics, including electrical safety, hazardous materials, confined spaces, and more.

Coastal Safety and Environmental

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Recessed wall box

A unique recessed wall box system provides secure connections for voice, data, fiber optics, and power. A 4-p brochure lists dimensions, specifications, and technical information.

Hubbell, Inc., Wiring Device-Kellems

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Sealing systems

New 44-p catalog provides product information and specifications for hundreds of components and integrated systems for blocking flames, smoke, air, light, and sound from doors or windows.

Zero Intl., Inc.

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Stretch wrapping

A new 4-p brochure describes a high-performance, heavy-duty stretch wrapping system. The MA-55 is a midrange, automatic unit that wraps up to 70 loads/hr and has a weight capacity of 4000 lb. The literature explains how the unit works and provides an overview of the operation and controls.

Orion Packaging Systems

Circle 336

Structural pipe fittings

A new 36-p catalog provides information on structural pipe fittings that are a cost-effective and labor-saving alternative to traditional welded railings. The fittings are designed for use with standard Schedule 40 or 80 pipe (1/2%%MDASSML%%2 in.), and can be used in a variety of applications, including safety barriers, guardrails, mezzanines, and more.

Kee Industrial Products

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Equipment truck

Crown Equipment Corp. offers an eight-page, color brochure on the Crown SC 4000 Series Sit-down Counterbalanced Rider, which is designed to increase efficiency with implementation of ergonomic and system enhancements. It’s also constructed to give the user higher visibility of the forks, compliments of the operator-forward design.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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Industrial packaging

BASCO’s Catalog 1M features thousands of products and includes more than 1,200 color photos in the 288-page publication.


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