By Staff August 6, 2003

Online training

RETA Online Training offers refrigeration operators quality RETA training material at any location where there is internet access. The training program increases operator skill levels while reducing training costs and record-keeping hassles. This self-paced, online learning program is simple and economical to use.

Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Assoc., reta.com, Write 310 on PE card

R-410A training

An interactive CD-ROM provides the necessary training and knowledge to safely perform service on systems containing R-410A and R-407C. There is information on: R-22 phase-out, refrigerant and oil applications, service techniques, and safe handling of R-410A. Training is broken down into categories with specific subtopics.

AC&R Coalition, escoinst.com, Write 311 on PE card

Hands-on training

Three-day seminar provides a thorough foundation on the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration. It supplies an excellent blend of theory with job-qualifying skill development using hands-on equipment. The seminar presents a basis of information that gives an understanding of servicing and troubleshooting techniques. Call 800-922-2820 for more information.

National Technology Transfer, Inc., nttinc.com, Write 312 on PE card

Cooling fans

The Little Ass Fan uses the same patented blade design as the wickerbill fan and can be hung as a ceiling fan or used as a vertical fan. In a mezzanine, it can be positioned at any angle to provide comfort for employees by moving a gentle, cooling breeze up to 100 ft and reducing the effective temperature 8-10 deg.

Big Ass Fans, bigassfans.com, Write 313 on PE card

Spot cooling

UniSpot industrial spot cooling eliminates the need to air condition an entire factory floor or workspace and greatly reduces utility costs. The approach targets airflow to the worker and provides a highly adaptable and flexible solution to cooling needs. The system can easily be reconfigured as workers move within stations or as a production line is modified.

UniSpot, unispot.com, Write 314 on PE card

Office cooling

OfficePro 10 offers a fully integrated air exhaust system. It features built-in supply and return air flow to the condenser, drawing on outside air to cool the condenser and exhausting hot air out of the room. The self-contained unit requires no installation; just plug it into a 110-V socket to provide 10,000 Btu of cooling.

MovinCool, movincool.com, Write 315 on PE card

Collect fumes

Zephyr II is a portable fume and dust collector that combines 3-stage filtration with versatile performance and ease of use. The unit uses 110-V power and compressed air. The main filter, which uses a reverse-pulse cleaning system, offers 99.99% efficiency on particles 0.5 microns and larger. The filter is washable for virtually unlimited service life.

Farr Air Pollution Control, farrapc.com, Write 316 on PE card

Catalog and brochure

24-p catalog has details on ultraviolet and UV/blue light lamps, fluorescent dyes, and dye injection hardware. Featured are 14 technical tips to make servicing easier and safer. A 6-p brochure explains why fluorescent leak detection is the only method that can be used as a diagnostic tool and for preventive maintenance. It details ways of adding solvent-free fluorescent dye to systems.

Spectronics Corp., spectroline.com, Write 317 on PE card

Guide to IAQ

A Reference Guide to Indoor Air Quality is an 8-p, pocket-sized guide that provides a glossary of common industry terms, formulas and conversion charts, a chart on typical particulate sizes, and technical data, including the superiority of hydrophobic fiber technology versus standard cotton/poly technology. Also included are samples of filtration media.

Kimberly-Clark Corp., kcfiltration.com/airint.html, Write 318 on PE card

Cartridge filters

A Cartridge Filter brochure highlights product features, operational advantages, and technical specifications. Cartridge filters provide superior dust collection efficiency, unsurpassed performance, and value for a wide range of applications. Included are tables that show the true cost of replacement filters and total savings using filters.

Donaldson Co., Inc., donaldsontorit.com, Write 319 on PE card