Compressed Air

By Staff October 10, 2003

Air knife package

WindJet Air Knife has many features that make dry-off applications successful and cost effective. A unique protruding leading edge directs air out of the knife in a straight stream. A 0.40 in. slot is for high impact and a 0.60 in. slot is for high flow. A complete, customized package consists of a blower, pressure relief valve, gauge, filter, mounting adapter, and the appropriate number of knives.

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PVC air hose

Premium Air Hose is an excellent substitute for rubber hose in many applications and is rated at 400 psi. The hose weighs 25%-40% less than rubber hose, so it’s easier to handle. The double-twisted polyester braid reinforcement resists kinking. Sizes include: 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-in. ID. Colors include: yellow, red, fluorescent orange, dark blue, and black.

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Monitor air usage

efector Metris sensor continuously monitors compressed air systems to identify leakage areas and to improve energy efficiencies. The sensor can be mounted in a supply line to monitor one machine or several machines. Air consumption is measured during machine operation and at idle time.

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Build an air system

“Designing Your Compressed Air System” is an 8-p guide that takes you step-by-step through the process of selecting and determining what kind of system you need. Six elements are evaluated to provide optimum results at maximum efficiency.

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