2017 Product of the Year Winners

Engineering disciplines improve safety, contribute to prosperity

By Kevin Parker and Amanda Pelliccione, CFE Media December 7, 2017

What’s fascinating about innovation isn’t that it sometimes arrives in a “Eureka!” moment that fundamentally changes the world forever, but rather exactly the opposite. Most innovation arises instead incrementally and because of collective efforts. How does that happen, that we all conspire together to come upon what we need or what’s asked of us?

The winners of the very first Oil & Gas Engineering Product of the Year awards apparently have broken the code for doing just that, as their products have been identified as among the best introduced between January 2016 and July 2017. Review the winners to see if their innovative solutions can help solve one of your most pressing problems.

While a dedication to excellence is something our gold, silver, and bronze winners wear in common, their solutions are a disparate lot, reflecting the wide scope of technologies and many critical functions pertaining to the oil and gas industry. A process control system said to be daringly different and a suite of industrial software applications are both included in the selection, as are a combustible gas detector and a buoyancy module.

Join us in congratulating these technological innovators, and if you have the opportunity, mention you learned about their solutions in Oil & Gas Engineering. Tell them what challenges you need solutions for next. Continuous, incremental improvement ensures that our industry innovators will achieve the levels of agility, efficiency, and effectiveness necessary for all of us to compete—and win—in today’s global economy.

Oil & Gas Engineering staff extends appreciation to all who nominated products and took the time to vote. The 2017 Product of the Year awards will be presented to the winners at the 2018 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner on Monday, April 16, 2018.

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