Contract Maintenance

Contract Maintenance November 1, 2005

Study: Metalforming business steady

Metalforming companies are forecasting little change in near-term business conditions, according to the October 1 Precision Metalforming Association Business Conditions Report. When asked what they expect the trend in general economic activity to be over the next three months, the response from metalforming companies in October, 26% of participants reported that business conditions will improve...

By Staff
Contract Maintenance December 10, 2003

Measuring overall craft effectiveness

This is the final part of a three-part series. Part 2 appeared in the November issue, p 31. World-class overall craft effectiveness is still being defined, since the concept of OCE is rather new. There are a limited number of case studies outside the real-world experiences of Maintenance Excellence Institute staff and alliance members.

By Ralph W. "Pete" Peters
Contract Maintenance December 15, 2002

Contract maintenance update

Every plant outsources some maintenance services. It frankly doesn't make sense — financial or otherwise — to try to do everything yourself. But when we talk about contract maintenance, we're talking about a long-term commitment to have nonemployees take over substantial responsibilities for normal maintenance operations, perhaps even all of them.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering
Contract Maintenance November 11, 2002

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By Plant Engineering Staff
Contract Maintenance December 1, 2000

Outsourcing maintenance: How it can improve the bottom line

In a global economy, there is no question that companies must continually improve to remain competitive. When a company is in financial danger-and even when it is not-internal analysts look for opportunities to minimize expenditures.

By Bruce Caspersen, Performance Center Manager, Siemens Westinghouse Technical Servicesa business of Siemens Energy Automation, Alpharetta, GA
Contract Maintenance March 1, 1999

Vendor selection

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before entering into an outsourcing contract.

By Staff
Contract Maintenance January 1, 1999

NAPM reports show that business activity slowed in November

The monthly surveys that the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) compiles for both the manufacturing and nonmanufacturing sectors of the economy suggest that fourth-quarter 1998 GDP growth was considerably lower than the third quarter's 3.9% rate. Preliminary figures on total economic activity in last year's final three months will be released on January 29th. The NAPM's nonmanufacturing index of business activity slipped to a level of 53 in November -- a full six points lower than in September. And the closely-watched NAPM manufacturing index dropped to a much weaker 46.8 in November.

By Staff
Contract Maintenance March 1, 1998

Economic growth during 1997 hits a 9-yr high

Real GDP is estimated to have increased at a solid 4.3% annual rate during the October-December period of last year. This preliminary estimate from the Commerce Dept. was just the latest in a long string of better-than average reports on U.S.

By Staff