Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems February 1, 2007

High-voltage cold-shrink termination

Cold-shrink silicone rubber termination kits QT-III, 7672-S-8 (RW) for 69/72,5 kV are designed for indoor or outdoor use. They meet or exceed the requirements of IEC 60840 for 72,5 kV, and solid dielectric insulation, such as PE, XLPE and EPR-shielded, high-voltage cables. The termination requires no tools or heat source, and its light weight means that a crane is not required to install it.

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Electrical Systems April 1, 2006

Solid-state transducers

OMEGA's PX209 (cable style) and PX219 (connector style) transducers deliver consistent accuracy in small, stainless steel cases-with either 0 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, or 4 to 20 mA outputs. A four-active-arm bridge sensor employs a micro-machined diffused silicon diaphragm, proprietary thin-film media, and dielectric isolation barriers.

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Electrical Systems November 1, 1999

Electric heater offers fast thermal response and long life

Quartz heater uses ceramic-metal thick-film technology to provide extremely fast thermal response and heat output in a compact package. Versatile line offers significantly longer life than infrared or other types of conductive heating technologies.

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Electrical Systems September 1, 1999

Resisting high temperatures

Resbond 908 moistureproof adhesive insulates and protects up to 3000°F. Physical properties include thermal conductivity of 15 Btu/in./hr/deg F/sq ft, dielectric strength of 250 V/mil, and volume resistivity of 10(super 12) ohm-cm.

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Electrical Systems August 1, 1999

Fire detectors

An 8-p brochure explains how FirePrint fire detectors combine the effects of photoelectric and thermal detection to sense both smoke and heat. This technology recognizes the traits of nearly every conceivable fire hazard. Siemens-Cerberus Div.

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Electrical Systems June 1, 1999

Light fixture resists corrosion and breakage

Protect-O-Globes are virtually unbreakable and provide the protection of metal guards with total corrosion resistance.

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Electrical Systems May 1, 1999

Enclosure comparison

A 4-p brochure compares performance of fiber glass to other nonmetallic and metallic materials used in manufacturing enclosures.

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Electrical Systems October 1, 1998

Photoelectric sensors for harsh environments

E58 harsh-duty photoelectric sensors withstand the demanding applications and rigors of harsh environments. They tolerate high-pressure, high-temperature washdown, chemical attack, abrasion, heavy vibration, and high shock.

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Electrical Systems September 1, 1998

Monitor detects moisture in dry solids

HydraSense I/L moisture monitor is a high-precision, continuous analyzer for bound-moisture content, particularly dry solids in process.

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Electrical Systems July 1, 1998

Electric pressure washers

A line of all-electric hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners certified to UL standard 1776 (High Pressure Cleaning Machines) is detailed in an 8-p brochure. The line includes explosion-proof models. Sioux Steam Cleaner Corp. www.siouxsteam.com

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