How software helps predictive maintenance applications

Predictive maintenance can be enhanced and improved with the right software tools, which is highlighted in an upcoming webcast on Oct. 17.

By Plant Engineering October 13, 2023

The benefits of proactive maintenance strategies, coupled with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), can drive a plant’s efficiency, and optimize the use of resources. On October 17, presenters Michael Hardy from Bureau Veritas and Ed Garibian from Llumin will discuss and explore this further in the webcast “Using software in predictive maintenance.”

Creating automated preventive maintenance schedules is the industry standard for proactive digital maintenance management. However, once preventive maintenance becomes the norm, plants can push further and enhance their operations by instituting proactive maintenance as a company-wide responsibility. This extends a plant’s workforce far beyond the handful of dedicated maintenance workers to other departmental staff.

The presenters will highlight several themes during the webcast including:

  • Optimizing recurring maintenance

  • Elevating maintenance best practices with total productive maintenance (TPM)

  • Adding predictive maintenance to a proactive maintenance strategy

  • How mobile technology enables a proactive strategy.

They also will highlight case studies showing these concepts in action and what the results were.

1 Certified PDH will be available upon successful completion of an exam.

Register here for the webcast.