Engineering company installs automated production, material handling solutions

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) completed two major projects at Detroit-based Wolverine Packing Co., based in Michigan.

By Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) July 29, 2021
Courtesy: Applied Manufacturing Technology

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) announced the successful completion of two major projects at Detroit-based Wolverine Packing Co. Wolverine, a third-generation family-owned meatpacking business, is a leading processor of ground beef patties, fresh lamb and veal products, and portion-cut steaks for domestic and international customers. Experiencing rapid growth in demand for its high-quality protein products, the company contracted with AMT to design, build and install state-of-the-art automated production and material handling lines at two of its five meat processing plants in the Eastern Market of Detroit. The projects were implemented at the company’s south plant and at its new 180,000-sq-ft Forest Park meat processing and freezing facility.

“AMT has been our partner in automating multiple lines in our Forest Park and South plants,” said Kevin Schenk, Wolverine’s director of technical services in a press release. “The upgrades and new lines have allowed us to increase production and maintain flexibility in our system for future expansion. AMT has been very responsive to our needs and has provided us with excellent support.”

AMT designed and installed upgraded conveyors and material handling equipment in the Wolverine South plant, an existing site running two shifts of production six days per week. The phased installation was conducted over two weekends. Its highly choreographed schedule accommodated the plant’s production schedule with no additional downtime. In the Forest Park facility, AMT designed and installed a flexible system which performed taping, weighing, and x-ray functions in the production area, and a nine-station automated robotic palletizing system in the pack-out area.

“We are excited to play a key role the expansion of Wolverine’s production in both their new and existing sites,” said chief operating officer Craig Salvalaggio. “We have been able to design and implement solutions that have had a positive impact on Wolverine’s business.”

Courtesy: Applied Manufacturing Technology

Courtesy: Applied Manufacturing Technology

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