Extensive line of metric spur gears

October 18, 2023

KHK USA Inc. announces its extensive line of metric spur gears. Over 8,000 configurations of off-the-shelf KHK Spur Gears are available in many materials, configurations, modules, and numbers of teeth.

The KHK SS Series Spur Gears are minimum plain bore spur gears made from 1045 carbon steel. These gears are ideal for general industrial automation applications. Available in pitch sizes Module 0.5 through Module 10 with 12 to 200 teeth, these gears can be modified with standard keyways, tapped holes, modified bores, heat treating or fixed with locking devices.

The KHK SSA Series Spur Gears are hubless versions of the SS series and are available in Modules 1 through 6 with 15 to 200 teeth. These gears can also be supplied with the same modifications as the SS series.

The KHK SSG Series Spur Gears are similar to the SS series with the addition of the tooth surfaces being induction hardened to HRC 50-55 for added durability. After heat treating these gears have their bores and teeth ground finished for higher precision.

KHK also offers spur gear made from 303 stainless steel, MC901 nylon, acetal, high-strength chromoly steel and brass, for applications where carbon steel is not suited

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