2019 Engineering Leaders Under 40

Manufacturing, automation leaders inspire, mentor

Achievements in manufacturing and communities inspire mentors and younger engineers seeking to create greater efficiency, optimization, and a brighter future.

McKenzie Burns, Production Coordinator; Amanda Pelliccione, Research Director; and Mark T. Hoske, Content Manager

The 2019 CFE Media and Technology Engineering Leaders Under 40 made significant contributions to the success of their companies and to the control and/or plant engineering professions. In a time when manufacturers seek to recruit, develop, inspire, and retain the next generation of diverse manufacturing professionals, these Engineering Leaders Under 40 Class of 2019 advance their professions, communities, and global efforts to promote engineering and improve the world.

Highlights from the 30 winners range from Engineers Without Borders to glass-making optimization, with significant amounts of engineering volunteer work, sports, mentoring, music, design, controls, restoration, communication, fermentation, and other fun in between.

Learn more about the Engineering Leaders Under 40 Class of 2019 below.

Meet the 2019 Engineering Leaders Under 40:


Christopher Blackburn
Austin Butcher
Baron Carleton
Ethan Copitch
Adam Cozat
Keerthi Duraikkannan
Tyler Gaerke
William Gallacher
Shawn Hakim
Haytham Hamad
David Hostetter
Christopher Jansen
Toni Kristo
Dan Krohnemann
Connie LeMarbe
Anand Makhija
Jason Markesino
Brett Mernin
Karen Mootrey
Andrew Morgan
Kurt Niehaus
Dileepa Prabhakar
Alicia Ramirez
Keith Riegel
Kristen Sheriff
Niniv Tamimi
Ian Visintine
Justin Waldrop
Evan Westra
Bradley Willson


McKenzie Burns is a Production Coordinator at CFE Media, mburns@cfemedia.com; Amanda Pelliccione is the Research Director at CFE Media, apelliccione@cfemedia.com; and Mark T. Hoske is the Content Manager for Control Engineering, CFE Media, mhoske@cfemedia.com.

Interested in nominating an engineer for the 2020 program? Nominations open in April 2020. View the Engineering Leaders Under 40 page for more information, including Official Rules and tentative program schedule.