2019 Engineering Leader Under 40: Ethan Copitch, 30

Sub-System Engineer; Peraton, Monrovia, Calif.; BS Mechatronics Engineering, California State University Chico

By McKenzie Burns, Amanda Pelliccione, Mark T. Hoske September 12, 2019

Ethan Copitch, 30
Sub-System Engineer
Peraton, Monrovia, Calif.
BS Mechatronics Engineering, California State University Chico

Ethan originally intended to major in nanomaterials in college, but changed his major when he saw limitations in the field. Despite his age, in four years he has not only become an expert in the controls field, but he has coordinated the inter-face between other fields in the facilities department at the NASA Deep Space Network. Ethan also has become knowledgeable of other disciplines and his guidance has led to significant department improvements.

FUN FACT: In his free time, Ethan partakes in Amtgard LARPing, or live action roleplaying. This requires him to design and create medieval inspired garments including knight armor.

Author Bio: McKenzie Burns, production coordinator; Amanda Pelliccione, research director; and Mark T. Hoske, content manager, CFE Media