2019 Engineering Leader Under 40: Haytham Hamad, 35

Field Service Engineer; Advanced Technology Services; Peoria, IL, United States; AS Industrial Electronics, Ramallah Men's College; BS Electrical Engineering, University of New Orleans

By McKenzie Burns, Amanda Pelliccione, Mark T. Hoske September 12, 2019

Haytham Hamad, 35
Field Service Engineer
Advanced Technology Services
Peoria, IL, United States
AS Industrial Electronics, Ramallah Men’s College
BS Electrical Engineering, University of New Orleans

As an automation control engineer, Haytham has been consistently recognized inside and outside the company for his excellence, versatility, hands-on approach and love of helping people. In 2019, Haytham was recognized by his 3,000+ colleagues with the company’s MVP Award. This award is given to the employee who exemplifies superior performance while working with customers, managers, and team members in all aspects of their job responsibilities and position.

FUN FACT: Haytham enjoys carpentry and designs, builds, and finishes homemade furniture for his family’s home.

Author Bio: McKenzie Burns, production coordinator; Amanda Pelliccione, research director; and Mark T. Hoske, content manager, CFE Media