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Avni Shah, USC Viterbi School of Engineering


Robotics January 14, 2022

Four-legged robot designed to deliver packages

USC Viterbi researchers created a control algorithm that allows quadruped robots to adapt to unknowns in their environment, making them better-suited for delivering packages and other items in warehouse and other areas. See video.

By Avni Shah
Robotics January 27, 2021

Disinfection robot developed to halt COVID-19 spread

A team of USC master’s students created a disinfection robot called LASER-D to use on COVID-19 prevention. See video.

By Avni Shah
Safety & PPE October 4, 2020

Engineering understanding about COVID-19’s effects, safety

Students at USC worked on robots, masks and droplet dispersion to better understand how to live with COVID-19 over the summer. See video.

By Avni Shah
Robotics March 19, 2020

Robots developed to 3D-print complex shapes

USC researchers have built robots that can 3D print complicated shapes without compromising on quality or accuracy.

By Avni Shah
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