Variable-frequency-drive cables

By Plant Engineering Staff October 27, 2006

The VFD 1000V UL flexible motor supply cable lineup now includes a series of five new, symmetrical three-conductor, 1 to 4/0 AWG, 600-volt UL1277, VFD cables. The cables’ symmetrical ground design combines the benefits of the company’s classic VFD cables with additional features for use on larger, more powerful AC motor drives. Two spiral, copper-tape shields provide improved flexibility and radiated and conducted noise protection. The series also includes four new 10- to 16-AWG, 600-volt UL 1277 cables incorporating a signal pair for brake applications. The cables feature an overall shield, plus 85% TC braid shield for radiated and conducted noise protection. All variable-frequency AC motor drive output cables feature robust construction for use in harsh industrial operating environments. Construction features include: thick, industrial-grade XLPE insulation; high-strand tinned copper circuit conductors; and industrial-grade, oil- and sunlight-resistant PVC jackets. The cables are TC-ER- and UL-direct burial rated, RoHS-compliant and CE-approved.