Plant Engineering most-viewed safety and PPE articles in 2023

Read the best articles about safety and PPE including electrical risks, high visibility clothing, trends and more.

By Tyler Wall October 27, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media

Plant Engineering’s top 5 articles online about safety and PPE posted over the last year covered electrical risks, high visibility clothing, trends and more.

1. Select the right PPE to take control of electrical risks

Employers and employees must ensure proper personal protective equipment is in use to keep workers safe and lower risk.

2. Understanding the importance of PPE and high-visibility clothing for engineers

High-visibility clothing can make an engineer more visible to others.

3. What are the trends in hazard protection and safety?

Safety in manufacturing facilities takes many forms and it is critical companies do all they can to ensure their workers are safe.

4. Lightweight materials used to create stronger helmets

Researchers have strengthened their absorbing foam material to make lighter and stronger helmets, which can help soldiers as well as people working in hazardous conditions.

5. Four LOTO best practices for a food manufacturing facility

There must be stringent lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures in place at a food manufacturing facility. Four best practices are highlighted.

Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology