Plant Engineering most-viewed content, May 2024

Read the best content in May 2024 including: Predictive maintenance benefits, event prevention, sustainability and optimization and more.

By Chris Vavra June 4, 2024
Courtesy: Wesco

The top 10 Plant Engineering most-viewed content online in May 2024 posted over the last three months covered predictive maintenance benefits, event prevention, sustainability and optimization and more. Catch up with a link to each article below.

1. Predictive maintenance: When does it make sense?

For large operations and critical systems, a well-strategized investment in an integrated system of human and digital resources can be well worth the effort.

2. How predictive maintenance can change industrial automation and reliability

Companies looking to take their automation game to the next level also need solutions that can help them maximize efficiency and address maintenance concerns before they happen.

3. How a midstream oil and gas company reduced costs from event prevention

Collecting reliable data on equipment becomes crucial then to maintain uptime and prevent unplanned shutdowns.

4. Why manufacturers should care about sustainability and optimization

Corporate sustainability initiatives, net-zero targets, scope 3 emissions and ESG regulations are topics that plant personnel should pay attention to and learn more about.

5. Leveraging the full power of industrial data

For data to have real value to today’s automated manufacturing plants, industrial networks need critical tools to access and deliver the data to critical operational and analytical platforms.

6. Benefits of putting people first in digital transformation

Digitizing key plant systems and processes such provides many benefits in terms of safety, cost control, product quality and compliance.

7. Three ways connected technologies provide a gateway to enhanced safety

Connected technologies can reduce risks and improve worker safety by taking advantage of digital twins and smart devices.

8. Chain lubrication considerations for extreme conditions

Chain lubrication is useful for extreme applications for equipment or situations that are dangerous for humans to enter while in production and where speed, flexibility and friction reduction is needed.

9. How to enhance plant performance using controls

How bridging the gap between building utility controls and process controls enhances plant performance.

10. Integrating pneumatic controls for greater sustainability, productivity

Pneumatic controls can lead to energy efficiency, cost savings and improved overall equipment effectiveness.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra is senior editor for WTWH Media LLC.