Maintenance Tools & Equipment


Laser kit aligns rolls

RollAlign is a visual laser tool to facilitate quick yet accurate field replacement of process rolls. It fits rolls of almost any diameter spaced between

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Vibration monitor can predict failures

Octavis vibration monitor detects rolling element bearing failures and shaft unbalance conditions on critical plant equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors, and fans. It is permanently mounted on equipment to continuously monitor a machine's operating condition through vibration analysis and has the processing capability to analyze a vibration signature and predict failure.

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Hacksaw folds, protects blades

FS-303 Fold-A-Saw can be quickly folded to a compact size for carrying or storage. The saw is comprised of two, folding, blade-securing members that nest in a U-shaped channel. Space is provided inside the channel for storage of two hacksaw blades. Unfolding the saw and attaching the blade is simple due to a quick-release blade mechanism. Latches keep the blade in place while it is tensioned with a fast cam action lever.

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Utility blade stays sharp longer

Gold bimetal utility blade features a titanium nitride-coated edge, which offers up to five times more life compared to standard carbon steel blades. Users can extend the life of these blades by using the innovative Gold utility knife which has a patented titanium-coated stainless steel nose that stands up to the most abusive work situations. The cutting edge of the bimetal blade gets its color from a patented coating process called physical vapor deposition.

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Advanced TIG welder includes pulser

Precision TIG 185 features patented Micro-Start Technology, which delivers extremely stable arc starting, even at low amperages, and minimizes excessive frequency and hot starting normally required to start the arc. The unit also provides an ac auto-balancing feature with manual override, takes the guesswork out of setting optimal cleaning and penetration levels. A pulsing system is standard. Welding range is 5 to 185 A.

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Rechargeable flashlight is small, light, bright

Strion flashlight features a lithium ion battery, which delivers unparalleled power in an ultra-compact size. At just 5.3 in. long and 0.29 lb, with battery, it offers up to 50% weight reduction. The high performance light features a 12,000 candlepower xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb, which offers momentary and constant-on switching. The battery provides 70 minutes of power and is rechargeable up to 300 times.

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Welder improves productivity

XMT 350 welder features the CC/CV multiprocess inverter. Automatic primary power management technology provides the ability to maintain a rock-steady arc, accept any type of primary power, permits the use of smaller circuit breakers, allows the addition of more welders to a facility without altering incoming electric service. A single selector switch simplifies process selection.

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Digital tachometer measures remotely

PLT200 pocket laser is a digital, battery-powered, portable, optical tachometer, which operates up to 25 ft from a reflective target, using a laser light source. The ergonomic design allows safe, direct line-of-sight viewing of both target and display at the same time. It is a 32-function tachometer/ratemeter, totalizer/counter, and timer. The device has a TTL-compatible pulse output to trigger devices such as data collectors and stroboscopes.

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Workstation for aerial lifts

Workstation in the Sky safely organizes tools and materials for working aloft. Unit has quick-disconnect performance tool packages to increase productivity. Packages include a storable bench, 110 V outlet for power tools, specially sized compartments for fasteners and connectors, plus tool holders for reciprocating saws, hammer drills, pipe benders, and circular saws. Also available is a 12 V plug to power cordless tool battery chargers.

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Floor cleaner is battery-powered

Captor Battery Rider Sweeper-Scrubber consists of a high performance sweeping system with dust control, high dump hopper, and a scrub deck that can be sized to match a facility. It can operate as a stand-alone sweeper or scrubber, or as a highly productive combination sweeper-scrubber. The unit provides the productivity of an engine machine without the noise, maintenance, and fumes.

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Chain vise easily goes to work

Model 425 Tristand chain vise weighs only 30 lb and is ideal for holding, threading, cutting, and welding pipe from 1/8 to 21/2 in. The integral handle allows opening and closing in one motion. A self-locking latch automatically engages when closing the stand, making it easy to carry. Exclusive bent legs are designed to increase stability.

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Nut drivers have hollow shafts

Rare earth, magnetic tip, hollow shaft nut drivers hold fasteners securely in place, allowing the user to easily turn nuts with just one hand. Standard features include: Cushion Grip handles for greater torque and comfort, color coded handle ends for quick identification of hex size, chrome plated shafts to prevent corrosion, and internal flanges for solid, twist-resistant shaft anchors.

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Wireless system monitors equipment

StatusCheck is a wireless condition monitoring system that transmits vibration and temperature data. Each system includes up to 100 wireless transmitters, a data receiver, and a companion software program. The software displays data in real time, logs information, and triggers alarms when set points are surpassed. When alarms are triggered, maintenance personnel are notified.

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Flashlight sees fluorescent dyes

Optimax uses breakthrough, super-hi-flux LED technology to deliver 10-times-brighter leak detection light than regular LED lights. The lamp is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery that provides more than 6 hr of operation. The light makes all fluorescent dyes glow much brighter, making leak detection easier. The inspection range is 20 ft or more.

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Portable analyzer measures vibration, more

VA3 is a portable single or dual-channel vibration data collector and analyzer with a large, high-resolution LCD display and a powerful processor for fast data analysis. The unit is equipped for bearing condition and mechanical defect analysis such as unbalance, misalignment, resonance, and looseness. It enables FFT spectrum measurement, order analysis, and time signal analysis.

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Wireless monitor watches rotating equipment

PROsmart continuously monitors, analyzes, and annunciates an alarm when critical equipment criteria are not met. Cost effective, 24/7 monitoring for vibration, temperature, speed, oil level, seal flush, and seal leak extends the life of equipment by identifying problems early. The unit is self-powered, eliminating wiring costs. A condition monitoring and analysis program automatically generates alarm and trend reports.

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Laser alignment system shows graphic display

LineLazer detector unit is a detector/transmitter for shaft alignment with a multifunction data logger. Using a horizontally spread laser beam in combination with a vertical detector makes fine-tuning unnecessary. The laser beam is modulated and easily and automatically distinguished from interfering light sources. Communication between units is wireless. Automatic measurement requires less than a half-turn of the shaft.

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Portable pump powers hydraulic tools

Pumpac LT is 24-V, battery-operated pump that is easily carried to a job site to power hydraulic tools. It features 10,000 psi of continuous pressure, weighs 22 lb, and can be worn on one shoulder or strapped to a technician's back and operated with a hand remote control. The pump may also be operated from an external power source, including power from a motor vehicle connection.

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