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Founded in 2002, Smartware Group, Inc. is focused on serving the software needs of maintenance operations professionals through its solution, Bigfoot CMMS.

The Lachance on CMMS blog is about current maintenance topics. Blogger Paul Lachance is president and chief technology officer for Smartware Group. Lachance has been developing and perfecting the company’s CMMS solution for the maintenance professional for 18 years. Contact Paul at

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John Lackey

Tuesday, 25-06-13 10:38

wrench turning tasks. Through my career I not only use it to schedule and document safety requirements including training, but used it to alert my FM managers when reports we due, schedule MRO inventories, and I even used it to create PM's for general building inspections or as we called them the Million Dollar Walks, especially in the C-Level suites.
No running my own consulting company, I find that most client only use about 30% of its capability, it that. It's like pulling teeth from a Tiger to make them see the power and usefulness of the CMMS.



Thursday, 11-07-13 01:50

Hi. You really describe well the content in your blog. Could you please describe more in detail for the Technical Consulting Services for the power plant management?


Paul Lachance

Thursday, 11-07-13 18:48

Thanks! Our firm wil focus more on the CMMS aspect in terms of consulting. I believe that it is important to marry the expertise of the customer's team with our CMMS team. A combination of the 2 should provide good guidance for a strong CMMS implementation. So we don't have in-depth industry specific expertise, but are great at listening to our clients goals and objectives, and collaborating to get the CMMS off the ground.


Paul Lachance

Thursday, 11-07-13 18:52

I agree - in my many years in the CMMS world, most customers use a small % of the system. What is interesting, is each customer seems to use a different small feature-set! The good news, CMMS has a quick ROI, so that even if you only use a small part, you likely still get good value and hopefully help operations, profitability, etc. We always emphasize that once you gain progress, expand to the next level. Maybe that is spare-parts, requests, safety, or whatever makes next sense for your org.


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