Original air date February 22, 2024

Motors and drives: How to take advantage of the new rebate program

1 Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available upon successful completion of an exam.

Energy efficiency guidelines for motors and drives are shifting. There is growing interest in accelerating the replacement of legacy, fixed-speed motor systems with more energy-efficient systems using variable speed technology.

Specifically, the Department of Energy has launched a rebate program that provides incentives for previous purchases and retrofits using motors and drives. This new program was introduced under the Energy Act of 2020 that allows for payments to “qualified entities,” but what does that mean?

Beyond the Federal “Extended Product System Rebate Program,” NEMA is working with energy advocates to develop other ways utilities can create prescriptive rebate programs for installing motor-drive systems.

Learning objectives:

  • Review “U.S. Department of Energy Manufacturing and Supply Chains Office Guidance on Implementing Section 1005 of the Energy Act of 2020."
  • Understand the implication of this rebate program for motors and drives.
  • Learn about retrofits for original equipment manufacturers.
  • Learn about other efforts to promote adoption of motors and drives.

Presented By:
Allison Maginot, Chief Government Affairs Director, Regal Rexnord
Kirk Anderson, Director of Government Relations, Nidec Motor Corporation

Moderated By:
Tyler Wall, Editor, CFE Media and Technology

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