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A new design for a filter could help remove carbon dioxide from flue gas emissions and air. Courtesy of: Sonja Salmon, NC State
Environmental Health June 14, 2022

Textile filter testing could help with carbon capture

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a design for a filter that could help remove carbon dioxide from flue gas emissions and air.

By Laura Oleniacz
Image of a HEPA filter broken down
Environmental Health October 22, 2021

Are HEPA filters the best choice for a facility?

HEPA filters are a necessity for many plant environments, but the level of filtration can vary, more isn’t necessarily better

By Robert Hepp
Courtesy: Technology Services Inc.
Environmental Health September 29, 2021

Capturing carbon, and selling it

Although CO2 is a large part of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, processed CO2 is a valuable product with an attractive revenue stream

By Dr. Sudhir Brahmbhatt
Courtesy: RedViking
Environmental Health June 29, 2021

How manufacturing has changed post-pandemic

Manufacturing has changed a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic as technologies thought to be happening down the road are happening now. Five key drivers are highlighted.

By RedViking
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Environmental Health June 7, 2021

Slower than expected manufacturing recovery expected post COVID-19

Interact Analysis said in June that good performances by the US, South Korea and China are offset by Europe and Japan, expected to make swift recoveries, and India and Brazil, where slow recoveries are expected. The semiconductor sector is holding back some manufacturing, and some inflation is expected.

By Interact Analysis
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Environmental Health June 7, 2021

Four ways manufacturers can grow post COVID-19

Manufacturers remain resilient and strong in the wake of the pandemic, but there are steps they can take to be better prepared for the latest anomalous event.

By John Felix
China, South Korea and the United States are among the countries expected to have the strongest recovery from COVID-19. Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Environmental Health February 24, 2021

Global manufacturing contraction lower than expected in 2020

The manufacturing industry output (MIO) tracker from Interact Analysis reveals a stronger than expected overall global manufacturing performance in 2020.

By Interact Analysis
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Environmental Health November 30, 2020

China, U.S. leading manufacturing charge from COVID-19 shock

Global manufacturing economic forecasts in the wake of COVID-19 have improved thanks to stronger than expected recoveries from the U.S. and China, but there is a long road to recovery, particularly for some key industries.

By Adrian Lloyd
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Environmental Health August 21, 2020

Global manufacturing outlook post-COVID mixed depending on sector, region

COVID-19's impact on manufacturing for the short- and long-term depends on the particular industry and the region, though recovery is eventually expected to reach 2019 levels according to Interact Analysis.

By Interact Analysis
Environmental Health July 22, 2020

Learning lessons and taking back control

While we are still embroiled in the battle to contain and defeat COVID-19, nobody truly knows the eventual outcomes, but we can begin to assess the impacts and respond positively to change.

By Steve Sands