Sensoteq KAPPA X

May 5, 2022

The Sensoteq Kappa X is an evolution of wireless continuous health monitoring for a wide range of machinery. Built-in partnership with industry vibration experts, the Kappa X is a triaxial vibration sensor with a market-leading 10kHz Fmax enabling earlier fault warning and increased diagnostic capabilities. The Kappa X wireless vibration sensor features a small footprint, IP69 ingress protection, and a user-replaceable battery. It was designed for monitoring almost any application or balance condition of plant machinery. Kappa X allows for continuous monitoring of plant equipment over a large area without the need for costly cabling. This provides increased reliability of monitored equipment and allows valuable maintenance funds to be spent for the greatest return on investment (analysis and maintenance) rather than on installation costs (cabling, labor). The Kappa X wireless vibration permits monitoring critical plant equipment for routine equipment defects. This helps improve equipment reliability, minimize equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs while providing the ability to see the data from any part of the world through its cloud-based Analytics software. Kappa X features all the benefits of a smart sensor. Smart Wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode to preserve battery life. Auto-ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to 64G to cope with peak energy produced by the machine while monitoring.

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