Medallion Series Motors 6811, 6813, 8010 & 8012 Frames

January 20, 2022

The new SIMOTICS Medallion Series motors combine flexibility and performance to meet or exceed basic application requirements. With 4 newly designed frame sizes (6811, 6813, 8010, & 8012) and 3 freshly designed enclosures (WPII, TEAAC & TEWAC), this motor series is configured with all necessary features and options to power even the most stringent industrial applications such as large compressors, blowers, test stands and pumps among many others.  With an industry leading power density up to 9000HP, these designs provide up to a 43% slimmer footprint allowing application sites to maximize plant layout. In addition, these motors provide application flexibility by offering an industry leading 7500HP 2-pole stiff shaft design which delivers more application speed control allowing users to save energy by increasing operational efficiency. 

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