3425L Series SMD Resettable PPTCs Series

May 2, 2023

The latest 3425L Series SMD PPTCs is an extension of the Littelfuse PolySwitch® family of resettable overcurrent protection devices, which provides resettable, high-voltage overcurrent protection in a compact, surface-mounted 8763 mm (3425 mils) size.

The new 3425L series is ideal for use in many applications, including:

  • Consumer electronics, such as power tools and televisions

  • Computing equipment and servers

  • Industrial robotics

  • Data center and telecom equipment.

“Adding the 3425L Series to the PolySwitch product line delivers another clear performance advantage for electronics designers and their latest innovations,” said Stephen Li, a Global Product Manager at Littelfuse. “These new surface-mounted PPTC devices offer resettable high-voltage overcurrent protection, thereby reducing product warranty, service, and repair costs.”

The 3425L Series SMD PPTCs offer the following key benefits:

  • Resettable overcurrent protection with operational voltages ranging from 36 V to 60 V.

  • Compatible with high-volume electronics assembly, providing a compact 3.4 x 2.5 mils size surface mountable footprint.

  • Environmentally friendly with RoHS compliance and halogen-free manufacturing.


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