Wireless I/O module pair

This pair of wireless I/O modules requires no software or PC connection and can be driven by either dc or ac signal sources.

By Plant Engineering Staff February 24, 2009

Model WWP-IIRO-8 is a pair of intelligent 16-channel digital I/O units that communicate directly with each other. Each unit contains 8 Form C (SPDT) electromechanical relays and 8 optically isolated digital inputs. When an isolated input is toggled on one of the units, it will cause the corresponding relay to switch on the other unit. No software or PC connection is required as this solution is completely self-contained and operates autonomously. The units are packaged in small, rugged, NEMA4 enclosures, and offer a low-cost alternative to costly signal wire installations. They can operate at distances up to 7 miles line-of-sight via a 900 MHz wireless connection (up to 20 miles with optional high-gain antenna). The eight isolated inputs can be driven by either dc sources of 3-31 V (or higher by special order), or ac sources at frequencies of 40 Hz to 10 kHz and are not polarity sensitive.

ACCES I/O Products Inc.