The organizational implications of digital transformation

As part of CFE Media’s Fall 2021 Virtual Training Week’s opening day, October 18, Kevin Prouty, group vice president for IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights, will present on the topic of the organizational implications of digital transformation.

By Kevin Parker October 15, 2021
Courtesy: Virtual Training Week from CFE Media and Technology and IDC

To better manage the convergence of operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) in manufacturing and other industrial companies, Prouty advocates the formation of digital engineering groups reporting to the company’s chief operating officer (COO).

As Prouty says in the abstract for his presentation:

Everyone talks about digital transformation and the application of technology to enable new or modified business processes.  But fewer talk about the organizational implications to the organization. This is especially true in operations as the introduction of digital transformation concepts comes wrapped up in Industry 4.0.

How digital transformation is changing manufacturing

As digital transformation accelerates, the key process changes are around decision-making and a changed framework for faster and more effective decisions. That decision-making framework has traditionally been the responsibility of middle management with a very manual and report-centric process. But the formation of digital engineering groups in operations is becoming the standard approach to digitalize that decision-making process.

Learning objectives for the session include as follows:

  • How to develop a resilient operational decision-making framework
  • Building a digital engineering organization to support the operational digital architecture
  • Transforming your middle management organization to meet the need for resilient decision-making.

In a wide-ranging question-and-answer session following the presentation, Prouty explore further implications of the current state of operations technology in manufacturing and what the future holds at a time when the need for increased automation is increasingly important.

Courtesy: Virtual Training Week from CFE Media and Technology and IDC

Courtesy: Virtual Training Week from CFE Media and Technology and IDC

At IDC, Prouty is responsible for managing a group of analysts that provide research-based advisory and consulting services that will enable executives and managers to maximize the business value of technology investments and minimize technology risk.

Before joining IDC, Prouty spent more than five years as senior director of manufacturing and energy solutions at Motorola, as well as stints at other research analyst firms and more than 15 years as both a user and system integrator of operations software. Twelve of those years was as a plant manager and project manager at a global manufacturer. He was responsible for all automation of the facility and energy plant, including integration of automated process and information systems. In addition, Kevin helped lead the re-engineering team that implemented ERP and shop floor systems throughout the company. Kevin also managed the building, start up, and initial operation of a plant in China from 1992 to 1993.

Author Bio: Senior contributing editor, CFE Media